Unit 3A Applied Information Technology

Week 3


Applications and Systems Software



This week you are investigating System Software. Read Chapter 8 of "Discovering Computers and in your Digital Portfolio on the Applications and Systems Software page write a brief explanation of the following headings;


1. Operating Systems


2. Operating System Functions

Starting a computer

Providing a User Interface

Managing Programs

Managing Memory

Scheduling Jobs

Configuring Devices

Establishing an Internet Connection

Monitoring Performance

Providing File Management and other Utilities

Controlling a Network

Administering Security


3. Operating System Utility Programs

File Manager

Search Utility

Image viewer

Personal Firewall


Disk Scanner

Disk Defragmenter

Diagnostic Utility

Backup Utility

Screen Saver


4. Types of Operating Systems


5. Stand-Alone Operating Systems

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Mac OS X




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