Unit 3B Applied Information Technology

task 1


UNIT: 3BAIT Task 1


TYPE: Investigation


OUTCOMES: Outcome 1: Technology Process, Outcome 2: Understanding ICT, 3: Quality of Information Solutions and Outcome 4: ICT in Society


CONTENT: Digital Data and Information, Hardware and Software, Social Implications and Trends


UNIT CONTEXT: Food/Beverage


TASK 1: Investigate Restaurant Management Systems – Table Top Ordering Interfaces



Restaurants are becoming far more technology savvy. Using a WiFi network within the building space allows waiters to order via PDA’s or other input devices, instantly communicating with the kitchen, the bar, the manager’s accounts and stock ordering system and the front of house for billing.

A well-known 5 star restaurant has become very interested in establishing a small network system with its surrounds that could be set up to manage a number of the required tasks and jobs in the restaurant. It is hoped that this will enhance the service offered to the customers at the restaurant.

The manager of the restaurant has contacted your company to develop a system for the restaurant that would assist in the business’ running. However, he would like to have a better idea and some more information on how other businesses have incorporated this type of hardware and software system into their operation.


Time allocation
Two (2) weeks to complete this task.

What you need to do:

Investigate the types of hardware and software required to run a system that would be suitable for a use in this type of scenario.

In order to commence you will need to conduct research and take notes to help you prepare the client proposal analysis through consideration of the following factors:


1. Determine the needs of the client
• identify what types of services the restaurant would need to run though the management system.
• collate and present your results in an appropriate format.

2. Determine the purpose of the management system and outline the aims and objectives:
• who will use the product?
• what specific forms of information would the product display?
• discuss possible ways in which the user might access the information and why
• collate and present your results in an appropriate format.


3. What will be the impact of the product on individuals (users) in terms of:
• resources needed to use the product
• costs and benefits of the product to the users
• values and beliefs of individuals using this product.
• staffing requirements
• staff efficiency


4. Identify and describe the customer demographic. What will be the consequences and benefits to customers using this product?
• how could these benefits and consequences impact on the customers?
• what will be the economical, social, personal, physical and ethical impacts that need to be considered? Is there any legislation you must consider?


5. Identify the applications utilised in development of this system and the format in which they appear.
• software used
• file formats
• operating environment, in terms of hardware and software requirements
• hardware location


What needs to be submitted for assessment

• A Report, ensuring that you have used appropriate language, format and have kept in mind your target audience. Suggested layout of Report


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