Unit 3B Applied Information Technology

task 2


UNIT: 3BAIT – Task 2


TYPE: Production


OUTCOMES: Outcome 1: Technology Process, and Outcome 3: Quality of Information Solutions


CONTENT: Digital Data and Information, and Hardware and Software


UNIT CONTEXT: Food/Beverage Task 2: Table Top Ordering Interface Design


Overview: A popular and forward thinking local restaurant has decided to introduce a computer system that will allow the customer to place their own order. This could be by attaching a touch-screen monitor on the side of the table or by using tablet technology.


They need a customised customer interface for the new system that reflects their restaurant culture, the fine food they serve and their cliental.


You are required to prepare a design proposal for the restaurant manager


Scenario: The restaurant manager is very excited about the idea of being able to provide greater interaction within his restaurant. In particular, the system would allow customers easy access to a number of restaurant services and direct communication to the kitchen and bar, greatly speeding up food and beverage delivery.


However, as this is such new technology he is having difficulty visualising just what the interface might look like and how it would fit in with their current image. They have asked for a proposal to be developed that would provide them with images and information to demonstrate what the ordering interface would look like and how it would function and fit with the restaurant’s corporate image.


Time allocation: Three (3) weeks to complete this task.



What you need to do:


1. Design folio


The final outcome of this task is to produce a design proposal. However, in order for this to be fully informed and realised, it will be necessary to demonstrate the evolution of the final design through a technology process.


This must include:

• Determination of the touch screen navigation structure or flowchart for the interface

• Preparation of anotated sketches for each page of the interface

• Determination of the methods and controls for interactivity of all multimedia contained in the product

• Design of interface elements for the control of any multimedia contained in the product

• Design and consider construction of the graphical interface and any additional multimedia including animation

• Choices for hardware and software to be utilised in developing and annotating alternative designs, you must consider the elements and principles of design.

• Identify and justify the functional, aesthetic, social and inclusivity choices made in your touch-screen ordering interface designs Also needed:

• Explain, in detail, the type of hardware and software you will need to use to produce your touch-screen ordering interface. How have you integrated them?

• Did you require any additional IT skills to complete the task?


Explain in your design folio, note any experimentation you used in your designs for the touch screen ordering interface. How you have adjusted your designs and any recommendations you would make to improve the effectiveness of your processes and touch-screen ordering interface.


2. Design proposal


Use a suitable format to communicate your final recommendation considering the purpose, audience and client for your proposal.


In addition, include the following:

• Glossary of terminology (explain any unfamiliar concepts and terms associated with your designs)

• Comprehensive bibliography of your information sources Use appropriate tools, skills and techniques to present your recommendations:

• Are there any special considerations you need/ed to include to cater for your audience?

• How else could your touch-screen ordering interface be used? What changes/modifications would be necessary to allow for other uses?

• Use appropriate technical terminology.



3. Process Evaluation


In your design folio, critically evaluate your proposal and reflect on the production processes used:

• Is your proposal a useful document for making decisions?

• Is it appropriate to the intended audience (the manager), and purpose? What could you have improved?

• Did you meet your timelines etc.? If not, why?

• Did you have to adjust your production process? Why?

• Any additional comments.



4. Evaluation Tool/Testing of Design


Develop an appropriate evaluation tool, to test your design, based on developed criteria to suit the intended audience and the requirements of the client. Test your design against members of the product’s target audience Include the tool and results in your design folio. Prepare an analysis of the testing results and insert into your design proposal.


Marking Key for Task 2

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