Unit 3B Applied Information Technology

task 3

TYPE: Performance

OUTCOMES: Outcome 2: Understanding ICT, Outcome 3: Quality of Information Solutions, and Outcome 4: ICT in Society


CONTENT: Digital Data and Information, Hardware and Software and Workplace, Practices and


UNIT CONTEXT: Food/Beverage


Task 3: Restaurant Ordering Interface Development



Your proposal (Task 2) was a success and the restaurant owner would now like to see a working product. Using the proposal as a working plan, utilise the appropriate software necessary to develop a functional Restaurant Menu Interface.

Time allocation

Three (3) weeks to complete and test your Restaurant Menu Interface.

What you need to do

Individually carry out your production process from Task 2 to develop your Restaurant Ordering Interface. Apply your skills in software and hardware to develop the Restaurant Ordering Interface:
• what skills will you need to use to develop the interface?
• are there any skills that you need to learn?

1. Develop your Restaurant Menu Interface:
• apply standards and conventions
• keep in mind how your audience would interact with the interface. Are there any special requirements you need to consider for your audience?
• are there any special effects that you may need to include for your audience?
• provide documented ‘step by step’ evidence of how you have manipulated the software to create the elements required for your design.

2. Test your Restaurant Ordering Interface using the criteria for design established in Task 2.

Remember to:
• develop some specific evaluative questions for your target audience to use in testing the Table Top Ordering Interface’s effectiveness. Include these in your testing
• have a person from your target audience evaluate your Restaurant Ordering Interface and make suggestions for improvement. Note these suggestions in your report.
• have you changed the Restaurant Ordering Interface as a result of the feedback? Reflect on the changes in your report.


What needs to be submitted for assessment?

□ Fully functional Restaurant Ordering Interface (home screen and course screens)
□ Evaluative questions
□ Testing results in an appropriate format
□ Peer evaluations/suggestions
□ Development report: Step by step product development through screen capturing, images and text. Task reflection and review

Download Task 3


Help Tutorial - Importing PhotoShop Files into Flash


Example of Completed Restaurant Ordering Interfacenew


Example pic