Unit 3B Applied Information Technology

week 10


Coursework - Workplace, practices and career

Technology Processes in the Workplace
• the requirement for people to work individually with minimal supervision, to work cooperatively and collaboratively in teams, and to exercise responsibility, integrity, initiative and resilience
• project management, managing change and system change within a problem-solving methodology
• expectation within industry that ICT development systems will be used to increase efficiency and quality through enterprise (e.g. initiative, flexibility, responsiveness to change, ingenuity and risk-taking) and creativity e.g. originality and inspiration

Workplace Practices and Career

ICT requirements of career work and jobs
• work and career opportunities that arise in industry from the development of skills and awareness of the qualifications, experiences and personal attributes required for entry into these areas of work
• various pathways in the transition from school to jobs within the ICT development industry.


Task 3: Restaurant Ordering Interface Development



Your proposal (Task 2) was a success and the restaurant owner would now like to see a working product. Using the proposal as a working plan, utilise the appropriate software necessary to develop a functional Restaurant Menu Interface.

Time allocation

Three (3) weeks to complete and test your Restaurant Menu Interface.

Download Task 3

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