Unit 3B Applied Information Technology

week 3


Workplace, Practices and Careers

Work Environment and Legislation
• the economic effects on industry resulting from the implementation of ICT
• social, economic and technological impetus for change in industry associated with the use of ICT
• awareness of ethical practices and issues or legislation related to health and safety, copyright and intellectual property.

Digital Data and Information

The Nature, Forms and Transfer of Digital Data
• technologies to organise, process and store data
• forms, standards and ways of transfer or distribution of data and how this is influenced by the nature and type of data, the intended audience and factors or constraints e.g. size, time, cost, resources, security, locality, access and availability
• major skills, techniques and processes to collect, evaluate and store data from a range of sources and interrogate the accuracy, reliability and validity of these sources.


Task 1—Investigate Restaurant Management Systems

Investigation Task

Restaurants are becoming far more technology savvy. Using a WiFi network within the building space allows for ordering to be conducted on PDA’s instantly communicating with the kitchen, the bar, the manager’s accounts and stock ordering system and the front of house for billing.

Investigate the types of hardware and software required to run a system that would be suitable for a restaurant. Details of Task 1

Time allocation

Two (2) weeks to complete this task



Restaurant Hardware and Software Overview

POS Hardware and Software Systems

Restaurant Manager


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