Unit 3B Applied Information Technology

week 6


Coursework - Digital Data and Information

Creative Application of Information Design Principles
• application of information design principles
• development of strategies for applying technologies and consideration of purpose, meaning, audience and client specifications
• characteristics of information produced for purposes
• independent use of standards and conventions to create multi-tiered solutions
• techniques and terminology for representing the design of solutions and output for those purposes
• common formats and conventions
• criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of a solution.


This week you will start the Production Task. This task will be produced in a similar format to the Production question in the W.A.C.E. External Examination that you will sit in November.


Details of Task 2

Download Task 2


Marking Key for Task 2


Web Based Resources for Task 2 - Production


The following videos will give you some background information and ideas on how to create a successful Web Design


What makes good Web Design



Website Design Tips: The Standard Website Layout


Colour Selection and Web Design

Example pic