The development and application of digital technologies impacts upon most aspects of living and working in our society. Digital technologies have changed how people interact and exchange information. These developments have created new challenges and opportunities in lifestyle, entertainment, education and commerce.


Throughout the Applied Information Technology course students will work individually as well as in a team(s) to investigate client driven issues and challenges, devise solutions, produce models or prototypes and then evaluate and refine the design solution in collaboration with the client. Students are provided with the opportunity to experience, albeit in a school environment, developing digital solutions for real situations.


The practical application of skills, techniques and strategies to solve information problems is a key focus of the course. Students also gain an understanding of computer systems and networks. In undertaking projects and designing solutions the legal, ethical and social issues associated with each solution are also considered and evaluated.


This course aims to give students appropriate knowledge and skills in digital technologies in order to use them in a responsible and informed manner. Applied Information Technology provides a sound theoretical and practical foundation, offering pathways to further studies and a wide range of technology based careers.


Student access to the following resources is essential:

  • computers with access to the internet
  • applications software
  • spreadsheet software
  • word processing software
  • presentation software
  • multimedia software
  • personal communication software
  • collaborative management software
  • browser software
  • peripheral devices including
  • scanner/photocopier/printer (multi-function device)
  • printers
  • digital still and video cameras
  • microphones and speakers
  • mobile devices

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