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BBC Webwise

Emerging Trends in Web Design

Cloud Computing

How to set up a Network

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Ethics, What do you think?

Principles of Graphic Design

Using the Internet - Video Resources

How to find anything online

The Most Wanted Design Tutorials in PhotoShop

The Artist's Toolbox- A resource to teach elements and principles of design

Color Scheme Designer

Top 10 Best Designed Websites in the World (2010)

Get Safe Online

Computer Dictionarynew


Video Resources

Born Digital - video reflections of living in a digital age

Creators, Digital Shadows, Identities, Privacy, Safety

The Virtual Revolution (A four part series)


Examples of Good Web Design


Web Standards Curriculum

this site is an excellent resource for Section 4 of the WACE examination. In particular you should study the sections:

7. What a good website needs,

8. Colour Theory (scroll through this page to see examples of web pages with explanations of the chosen colours and the reasoning behind them)

9. Building a site wireframe and

10. Colour schemes and design mockups.

(These four chapters contain examples and ideas that you can include in your design)


Examples of Good Design

this site explains with examples what is good design


Principles of Design

explains the principles of proportion, emphasis, direction, contrast, balance


Elements of Design

explains the elements of line, shape, space, size & scale, texture, colour


Emerging Trends in Web Design


Be Kind to the Colour Blind




Design Trend for Minimal Site


The Psychology of Web Design


Web Design Principles



Exam Revision


Revision Questions - Answers
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