Stage 3

A stage comprises an A and B unit and each unit is defined with a particular focus and a selection of learning contexts through which the specific unit content can be taught and learnt. The cognitive difficulty of the content increases with each stage and is referenced to the broad learning described in the outcome progressions. The pitch of the content for each stage is notional and there will be overlap between stages.



Unit 3A AIT

The focus for this unit is evolving information and communication technologies. The use of applications to create, modify, manipulate, use and/or manage ICT, particularly for business, training, education, infotainment and edutainment purposes is fundamental to this unit. Students consider the nature and impact of technology change when creating ICT products for a particular purpose and audience. Students develop an understanding of the nature of computer systems and the use of these technologies in society.

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Unit 3B AIT

The focus for this unit is information and communication technologies in industry. Students focus on the production of an ICT product for a particular industry of interest. Students will combine both practical and creative skills in the use of ICT to produce solutions to challenges commonly found in the industry that may relate to areas such as information management, communications and/or promotion, data or device control and/or monitoring, process control, and work performance support. Students justify the computer systems selected for their product and understand the social and legal implications, and the impact of its use in industry.

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