A stage comprises an A and B unit and each semester long unit is defined with a particular focus and a selection of learning contexts through which the specific unit content can be taught and learnt. The cognitive difficulty of the content increases with each stage and is referenced to the broad learning described in the outcome progressions. The pitch of the content for each stage is notional and there will be overlap between stages.


Unit 2A AIT

The focus for this unit is media information and communication technologies. The emphasis is on the use of digital technologies to create and manipulate digital media. Students use a range of applications to create visual and audio communications. They examine trends in digital media transmissions and implications arising from the use of these technologies.

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Unit 2B AIT

The focus for this unit is digital technologies in business. Skills, principles and practices associated with various types of documents and communications are emphasised. Students identify the components and configuration of networks to meet the needs of a business. Students design digital solutions for clients being mindful of the various impacts of technologies within legal, ethical and social boundaries.

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Unit 3A AIT

The focus for this unit is evolving digital technologies. The use of applications to create, modify, manipulate, use and/or manage technologies is fundamental to this unit. Students consider the nature and impact of technological change and the effect this has when creating products for a particular purpose and audience.

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Unit 3B AIT

The focus for this unit is digital technologies within a global society. Students focus on the production of a digital product for a particular client. Students undertake the management of data as well as an appreciation of the social, ethical and legal impacts of digital technologies within a global community.

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