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What is WA Scooter Performance

We are currently working closely with 3 European countries to develop the best kits and staged solutions for the Vespa ET2 50cc Auto and one or 2 other brands like Vmoto (jog).

Now regarding this page and what we can offer. We have a select number of each item currently being shipped. We do not intend at this stage to keep huge amounts of stock of each item, and we do intend to restrict the range to the parts that we know work and give you the best value for money. Some of these brands include : Malossi, Polini, Pinasco, Kundo Kinetic, Leovince, Doppler, Metrakit, Sito, Endy, Ixil, Technigas, Gianelli, and list still growing.

You need to also appreciate that by installing these items can lead to complications regarding the law and insurance. Some of these items are restricted to the race track. You also need to acknowledge that by installing performance parts your warranty can be affected and made void.

You will also need some skill or a mechanically minded friend with 2 stroke experience and knowledge to take full advantage of these items. Rev it up!


Balloon Lights : For any time and not only for balloons!

FX FLARE : Programmable LED message system for you push bike.

Tire Flare : Valve Wheel Lights for Bicycles, Motor Bikes, Scoorters, Cars, Anything!

Visit our main page : www.cgmdirect.com.au



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