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Brian Mooney was born in Peak Hill, NSW in 1930, then moved to Hay, where he spent his childhood until the outbreak of World War 2. The family then moved to Sydney and in 1953, he studied in Julian Ashtons art school for a year. He began to paint seriously in the 1960s in Melbourne, where he was also very involved in playing Irish and Australian folk music.

In 1965, he travelled to Ireland and stayed twenty-one years in Galway, where he married and raised a family of four sons. During this time, he had a number of successful exhibitions in Galway, and toured Europe and England on eleven occasions singing and playing folk and traditional songs.

Since returning to Australia in 1986 , he has had shows in Melbourne and Tasmania and has recently been invited by the Galway Arts Centre, to exhibit his Irish and Australian paintings during the prestigious Galway Arts Festival.

For more details, see Craft and Art International, Vol. 46, 1999, p70-72.

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