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Latest News: New F/TR Bipod featuring lightweight construction available from June 2011 - with the introduction of F/TR into Australian Match rifle competitors now have available a 1.1kg bipod.

Davies triggers are manufactured in Australia and have a proud association with some of the finest shooters in the world. We specialise in Target rifle triggers for the competitive shooter who requires consistency, reliability and all at very competitive prices. Established in the early 1980s by Barry Davies, Davies triggers have been very popular throughout the world of target shooting, including Palma, F class and other long range disciplines and today we continue to provide a high quality product for the precision shooter.

After a successful period of time manufacturing triggers for various actions, Barry retired in 2005 and now concentrates on competing in, and promoting F class shooting in Australia. Today, his son Adam, a highly competitive F class shooter continues the name & manufacturing of Davies triggers and ancillary products.

The Davies trigger is well known throughout the world of shooting for providing superb quality & reliable Single and Two stage triggers for a large variety of target rifles.

Please check out the range of other target rifle accessories available, such as; Bullet Gauges, Scope rails, Barrel tuner, F Class bipods and fore-end plates. We might just have what you require &/or can modify to your requirements.

ATTN: - Manufacturing orders are currently on a 8 week lead-time @ 1st Nov 2017

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