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I am a Fremantle resident and have lived here in West Australia for over 20 years. I was born in London and educated at Liverpool University as a Geologist & after years of globe trotting, I finally settled (unintentionally) in White Gum Valley.

It was here in Freo that I discovered an irresistible passion for social & environmental justice and over the years I have been involved with various campaigns, working in a collective protecting, conserving, power broking, electioneering, exposing injustice, and promoting clear thinking. Occasionally, I have also gone it alone. For my conscientious efforts I have been called a lot of colourful names when in fact I am “true blue” and believe in a “fair go”. I do care about where we are going as a society and what we should be doing about it.

Intuitively I felt it time to take a new tack and merge my passions of fine ‘high’ art, politics & spirituality. The result is an angel, the idolum of Angels gallery, and the journal - edgey writings, underground art & poems from friends & moi. I hope you enjoy exploring the site and the journey.

On-line since February, 2001 with over 80,000 cumulative hits to date. True Blue Quarterly web Journal & E-zine began 4/2002 when media censorship and bias was at a peak and free speech under threat. Come to think about it, it still is! Archived in Pandora the National Web Library of Australia.

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