The best years are awesome "Immediate Family" The intimate pictures of the american woman-photographer Sally Mann, to be seen in the gallery Bodo Niemann (long ago), are speaking gentle about the problems of a child. >From Tanja Fiedler A mother photographs her three children. Pressing the trigger for years again and again, she documents the every-day-life of the "Immidiate Family" wet beds, moscito-biten faces, chocolate cigarettes, bloody noses, dirty legs and playing siblings. But the photographs, which have been created over the time, are not only stuff for the family album. The photographs of Sally Mann are more. Her pictures of her daughters Jessi and Virginia and her son Emmett are telling about beeing a child with some kind of an iron beauty and iron scare. Despite her distance they are initimate views on a stage in life what is for adults going away in eternity. So this trio looks peculiar strange and autarc in his world. Also her mother and her camera is a quiet viewer, not a accomplice. "Sometimes it is difficult to tell, who is creating the pictures.", Sall Mann says, "Some of them are presents of my children to me, Gifts of a moment, which is so fleeting as the touch of an angles wing." [Better include the original text of her book] Some of this magic contacts with heaven are now viewable in the new rooms of the Galerie Bodo Niemann. Twelve years old Jessie standing naked in profile, holding a narrow leaf in front of her face. This pose is to see two times. On one of this pictures Jessie is a longhaired girl, on the other a shorthaired teenager. Two photographs, which shows nothing more then a child, which will grow up to adulthood. This step is also associated with the discovery of sexuality and erotic, and that Sally Mann doesn't deny this fact some critics call obscene. But - the obscenity is not in the respect and dignity with what her mother photographs all facettes of her childrens life - it is in the eye of the beholder. All pictures are taken on the rural properties of the familie in Virginia. The fields, lakes and forrests substitutes the studio. The nature is the scenery for the pictures, which Sally Mann is always composing with her children, then using a large-format camera to take the photograph. So in every seemingly coincidental gesture is a whole story about childhood hidden, connecting reality and symbolism. When Emmet in a triumphal pose takes a snakes skin over his eyes,the picture speaks about self-confidence and just discovered strength. When little Virginia lies down together with her old grandma on a bed, both folding their hands as for praying, then this picture says anything about the finiteness of life in death, about let go and let free. Sally Mann shows the untolerable, the lack of understanding, and the thread. She breaks the cliches and superficialities of the seemingly joyfulliest years. "We say everything without fear or shame.", say Sally Mann. "We speak about what it means to grow up." That Bodo Niemann and his wife Elke opens her new rooms inside the Berliner Hackesche Hoefe with this photographic exhibition is a sign for a changed concept. With the move from Berlin-Charlottenburg to Berlin-Mitte (central part of Berlin, ex eastberlin) also changed the program. Instead of art of the twenties Niemann now concentrates in his wonderful light and variable rooms on photographic art. The start was quite good with the work of Sally Mann. Galerie Bodo Niemann, Rosenthaler Strasse 40, Berlin, Germany (If not changed) Opens Thursday to Friday from 1pm to 7 pm and Saturday from 12 to 6pm.