Sand Snakes

Very small (to 39 cm) generally harmless, mildly venomous sand burrowing snakes that feed on lizards. Some people may experience extreme symptoms if predisposed to being allergic to any of these snakes' bite.

A Desert Banded Sand Snake (Simoselaps anomalus) from Shay Gap, WA

A Banded Sand Snake (Simoselaps bertholdi) from Coolgardie, WA - both the most widespread and flexible of the three species regarding its habitat preference as it is not restricted sand, but found on heavy loam and stoney ground too.

A West-coast Banded Sand Snake (Simoselaps littoralis) from Cervantes, WA - restricted to the mid-west coast from south of Cervantes to Exmouth.

A Dampierland Sand Snake (Simoselaps minimus) from Broome, WA - the smallest member of the group, attaining no more than 22cm and restricted to the western Kimberley.

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