Bush's Hooded Snake (Parasuta bushi) holotype from Scaddan, Western Australia

First collected in 1982 and described to science in 1988; only five specimens known from a small remnant of wheatbelt bushland. Recent searches for it have been unsuccessful possibly because the locality has been cleared of bush. Specimens collected in 1982 (1), 1985 (1) & 1986 (3), but not seen since, even though several attempts to find it have been undertaken. A nocturnal, live-bearing, lizard-eating elapid that probably grows to no more than 40 cm (16 inches).

Reference: Storr, G.M. 1988. A new Rhinoplocephalus (Serpentes: Elapidae) from Western Australia. Rec. West. Aust. Mus. 14 (1): 137-138.

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