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For other data on Edward F Cashel and family, see Mark Humphrys' web site. See the family tree showing how Mark Humphrys, Brian von Konsky, and Bob Fleek are related.

 Date  Document  Comment
 May 6 1849 Washington DC Marriages 1826-50 database William Kickham married Jane E Dornin on 05/06/1849 in Washington D.C.
 1850 1850 US Census (Georgetown, Washington DC) 1850 US Census record for W Kickham, 34, J Kickham, 30, and M Dornin 50. William's occupation is listed as "gardener". W Kickham and M Dornin were both born in Ireland, J Kickham was born in New York.
 1860 1860 US Census (Georgetown, Washington DC) 1860 US Census record for William Kickham, 44, JE Kickham 40, M Kickham, 7, and Edward Cashel, 19. William's occupation is listed as "gardener" and Edward's is listed as "miller". William and Edward were both born in Ireland. JE Kickham was born in New York, and Mary Kickham was born in the District of Columbia. To see how Edward Cashel is related to William Kickham, see the family tree.
 1861-1867 MASSCV Details of Edward F Cashel's first tour of duty, during the American Civil War
 1890-91 Washington D.C. City Directory 1890 database In 1890 and 1891, William Kickham lived at 3325 0 Northwest, Washington D.C.
 1895 Pension Index Pension index for Cashel, Edward F.
 1900 1900 US Census
(Alaska- Unga)
1900 US Census record for Edward F Cashel in Unga Alaska. Place of birth is listed as District of Columbia. Year of birth is listed as 1840. Occupation "at home" is listed as "miller", while occupation "in Alaska" is listed as "grader". His post office "at home" is listed as "Georgetown, M".
 1900 1900 US Census
(Alaska- Kodiak)
1900 US Census record for the Adolph and Agnes (Cashel) Garn and family. Agnes is the daughter of Edward F Cashel and Marre-A Ol'gin., Included in the census record is Agnes' daughter Mary, grandmother of Brian, von Konsky, Susan von Konsky and Janet Young. The year of birth for Mary Garn is listed as 1899, although she always told people it was 1898.
 1900 1900 US Census
(Alaska- Apollo)
Alaskan Census with data on Edward Cashel Jr. and other members of the Berg and Olgin family, District 18, Apollo.
1900 1900 US Census
(Alaska- Douglas)
Bob Fleek's Family History records that William H McBlaine was the second husband of Maria Mary Cashel, daughter of Edward Cashel and Marre-A Ol'gin. Although Maria and William were not married at the time of 1900 census, an entry for William H McBlaine is included in this document archive.

A list of other interesting historical information follows, although this is not directly related to Edward Cashel and his descendants:
 Date  Document  Comment
  Website for Unga Corporation History page contains an old photo of Unga village. Site also has maps, history, etc.
 July 8, 1899 Letter A short letter from John Muir, famous American Naturalist, written after sailing along the Alaskan Peninsula from Unga and Sand Point. Scroll down this Sierra Club web-site page to see Muir's description of the region. He describes the volcanoes as being "as thick as haycocks on our alfalfa field in a wet year".
 c 1900 Old Unga photos Photographs of Unga Island, Alaska, circa 1900, including the Apollo gold mine and several photos with unidentified people. As the 1900 census indicates that there were only about 175 people in the main Unga village, with slightly more in the Apollo Mine and fish plant, it's not unlikely that Edward knew some of these people.
  Bob and Nancy's photos of Unga Bob and Nancy von Konsky's photographs of Unga Alaska as it appears in modern times will be included here soon!
August 9, 2001 Modern Unga photos Photographs of Unga Alaska as it appears in modern times. Of interest is the headstone at the bottom of the page. I haven't checked if anyone has attempted to locate Edward's gravestone. If not, we should go back and have a look!
 Jan 17, 1947 Apollo Mine Report
(PDF Format)
Report on the history and productivity of the Apollo mine on Unga Island. The 1900 Census shows that Edward Cashel junior lived in the Apollo mining camp with the Berg family
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