Edward Cashel       Letitia Blennerhassett        Edward Francis Kickham    XXX Armstrong
       |                    |                                |                    | 
       +--------+-----------+                                +----------+---------+        
                |                                                       |
                |                                           +-----------+------------+
                |                                           |                        |
    George Blennerhassett Cashel                   Mary Francis Kikham        William Kickham      Jane Dornin
                |                                           |                        |                 |
                +--------------------+----------------------+                        +--------+--------+
                                     |                                                        |
                        +------------+-----------+                                            |
                        |                        |                                            |
          Blennerhassett Cashel          Edward Francis Cashel                           Mary Kickham

Edward Francis Cashel, son of George Blennerhassett Cashel and Mary Francis Kickham, came to the United States from Ireland. After arriving in the US, he stayed with Uncle William Kickham, Aunt Jane, and first cousin Mary in Georgetown, Washington DC. See the 1860 US Census for Georgetown.

After serving in the Union Army during the American Civil War, Edward Francis Cashel continued his service in the Armed Forces of the United States, and was stationed on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

Unaware of of what had become of his older brother, Blenn came to the United States to find him. A dispatch sent to him in New York informed him that Edward was stationed in Alaska. He returned to Ireland, never having seen his brother. For over one hundred and twenty years, the descendants of Blenn Cashel never knew what became of Edward Francis Cashel or his descendants.

Thanks to the internet, the mystery has been solved! In a few short generations, the descendants of George Cashel and Mary Kickham have spanned the globe, living in the United States of America, Australia, and Ireland.

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