"Just A Dreamer"

Recorded at Studio RB-X, Victorian College of The Arts Studios and Alan Eaton Studios in Melbourne, Australia

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Just for the Record Ya De Ya
Grinning from Era to Era Prism
Track List
  • Just A Dreamer - Play it
  • Cats In The Kitchen - Play it
  • Setting Sun - Play it
  • Streets Of Paris - Play it
  • The Joker
  • You Got Me Calling
  • Bells Of Freedom - Play it
  • Lonely Night Blues
  • Betcha
  • Cats In The Kitchen...unplugged
  • Fragile

Phil Turcio
Tony Gould
Peter Jones

Mike Williams
Roger McLachlan
Mike Matthews
Jeremy Alsop
Virgil Donati
David Jones
Dave Beck
Daryn Farrugia
Bill Harrower Saxophone
Bob Venier Trumpet
Jim Kelly
Simon Patterson
Alex Pertout
Peter Gretsch
Penny Dyer
Lisa Edwards
Rozzi Bazzani
Backing Vocals