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main casting Southern Cross 'H' pattern windmill on display at Morawa museum     The SOUTHERN CROSS 'H' PATTERN windmill replaced the 'G' PATTERN open geared windmill and used some of the same parts. It was designed by Bert GRIFFITHS and Alan LINDLEY, and was supplied between 1925 - 1930. It was the TOOWOOMBA FOUNDRY's first fully enclosed geared windmill and was available in 8, 10 and 12 foot windwheels.
    gearbox uncovered Southern Cross 'H' pattern windmill
    The SOUTHERN CROSS 'H' PATTERN windmill is an interesting mill that is easily identified by the stove pipe helmet, corrugated galvanised tail and heavy double ringed windwheel. The tower used angle steel braces and girts. The windwheel was typically offset for regulation. It was a twin gear design but it used a cast slipper moving up and down a pipe guide with the pump rod going through the pipe. It employed a suspended turntable that allowed for levelling of the gearbox to its best position.
    Unfortunately the 'H' PATTERN was a heavy and overcomplicated mill with far too many parts. The long nose and fragile casting were a particular weakness. Another problem appeared to be that although the castings match from mill to mill, the bolt holes do not, making it difficult to quickly swap one head for another.
    It was superseded by the SOUTHERN CROSS 'Z' PATTERN windmill which was inspired by the AERMOTOR 702, and proved to be a far superior mill