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1933 MODEL
Webb S manufacturer's identification on gearbox casing
Webb S windmill on display at Morawa museum     This was a well built, fully enclosed double geared windmill which was manufactured by WEBB BROS of 284 - 294 City Road, South Melbourne, Victoria from circa 1933.     It was made in four sizes, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft & 12ft. The original 1933 Patent No. was 928.
    This design used ball bearings on the hub shaft and a slipper design crosshead. All engine parts ran immersed in oil.
    Some fairly major variations occurred during the model's lifetime. The fan used different hub locating devices, had variations in the blade width, and used 3 or 4 spokes. Variations in the main casting and tower top casting are also noticeable.
Webb S windmill on display at Morawa museum
    Many similarities with ALSTON's designs can be seen in the tail, vane, brackets buffers and general design.     The WEBB 'S' Type windmill was superseded by the WEBB 'T' Type windmill in circa 1940. The WEBB 'T' Type had a welded gearbox instead of a cast one, and was reputed to be a far inferior model than its predecessor.