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The Windmill Journal has its own site!
    The new look Windmill Journal of Australia and New Zealand can be found at The Windmill Journal of Australia and New Zealand
The magazine is published by the 'Morawa District Historical Society'. It is intended to explore the history of windmills made in, and imported into the antipodes. Issues contain articles and illustrations on company histories, anecdotes, parts diagrams and specialised topics, such as railway windmills.
Annual subscriptions which provide 4 issues per year including postage, may be obtained from : -
   "The Morawa District HIstorical Society"
    PO Box 155
    Western Australia 6623.

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Subscription =  $20 Australian. For those outside of Australia who wish to subscribe, the rate is $20 Australian via International postal order or a cash equivalent in banknotes. [US$ or other]
 Back issues are available for $5 Australian or equivalent as above.