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1916 Alston Enclosed Double Geared windmill with side cover fitted
   The James Alston & Sons Enclosed Double Geared windmill first appeared in 1916, but there are a number of variations of the basic design. These differences were considerable. This was an excellent mill and, if maintained, is still a very usable machine. Some indication of this can be seen by the fact that versions of this design remained on the market for decades, until the original company ceased to exist. By May 1918, 8, 10, 12 and "light" 14 foot models were available. The use of "light" in the description of the 14 foot mill may indicate that it used the 12 foot gearbox.
   The 10 foot wind wheel diameter mill on display at the Morawa Museum is of the 1916 design, and is quickly distinguishable by the flat steel crosshead guides used. They were originally available with 8, 10, 12 and "light" 14 foot diameter wind wheels, but later were restricted to the 10 foot version.
   The image at left is of the 1916 Model with side covers fitted.
   The display windmill was donated by Garth KOWALD of Canna, W.A.