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    The Morawa Pioneer Cemetery was opened on the 24th September 1919 at Reserve No. 17311 Morawa Lot 50. Although the last burial was in 1930, the cemetery was never officially closed.
    In November 1973 the Morawa District Historical Society gained permission from the Shire to erect a fence around the graves and to erect a plaque.
    This brass plaque lists the names, ages and dates of death of the known occupants of the cemetery and is attached to a large upright stone on the northern side of the entrance.
    Of the twelve known graves there is only one that identifies the occupant by means of a broken headstone and inscription.
EMERY Charles 24-05-1922 49 years Labourer at Harley's farm, Morawa. Death caused by rope breaking and falling down a well
RAINER Wilton Marler 18-01-1924 42 years Farmer. Accidentally killed by wheat loader 3 miles NW of Morawa.
McCARTHY Jeremiah 23-04-1925 37 years Farmer. Died of gunshot wounds 13 miles west of Morawa.
GLASBRENNAN Albert Herman 14-02-1925 50 years Goldsmith. Died from heart failure at Koolanooka.
TREGONNING Walter Charles 12-06-1926 35 years Farmer. Died on main road 5 miles south of Morawa, accidentally burned to death.
GODFREY Gordon Hopkins 09-04-1927 2 years 9 months Died at Three Springs of pneumonia.
McQUISTON Hugh 19-11-1927 50 years Cook. Died at Harry Ryan's farm, Koolanooka, of gunshot wounds.
ATWELL William Herbert 15-07-1929 42 years Carpenter. Died from tuberculosis.
FITZGERALD Maurice Thomas 26-07-1929 21 years Farmer. Died at Morawa from gunshot wounds.
HOUGH John Joseph Thomas 26-01-1930 30 years Died at Morawa from poisoning.
McCALLUM Arthur Edward 01-04-1930 45 years Labourer. Died at Morawa Hotel from war gas effects and heart failure.
BLACKMAN Leonard Thomas 21-04-1930 47 years Clearer. Death from heart failure near Morawa.