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Metters Selfoil windmill on display at the Morawa Museum    The METTERS SELFOIL windmill was a single back-geared oilbath windmill. It was first marketed about 1922 and was produced until around 1928. It used the same size casting for both 6 & 7 foot wind wheels. The windwheel was the same as that used on the Metters TOFF.
Metters Selfoil windmill on display at the Morawa Museum
   The windwheel is unusual in that it used angle iron lengths for spokes, and this led to a design using a curved flat bar for the inner ring which bolted onto the side of the spoke, and a conventional outer rim.

   The SELFOIL used a combination of parts from both the Metters TOFF and the Metters NUOIL. Probably the only part that was uniquely its own was the casting and tin helmet. The furling sytem, brake and oil pump were the same as those used on the NUOIL and the gears, windwheel and hub were those of the TOFF.
   The Museum example does not have a windwheel or tail, and the weight from the furling system, similar to that used on the NUOIL and the WINDMOTOR, has yet to be added.

   The display windmill was donated by Henry JONES of Mt Magnet, W.A. and restored by Morawa Museum volunteers.