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Welcome to Barbara & Lance from Canberra's home page. You can find some new pics and videos below. Reproduction is encouraged. Please credit eg "Source: canberradance.org". You may also be interested in our travel pics, our other photos, or our links.

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Moree Meander


New Pics

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Vale Daryl Powell

Daryl was a stalwart of the Monaro Folk Society and a founder of the Bush Dancers display group. We hope these photos bring back memories for you as they do for us.
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Blackheath & the Blue Mountains May 2018

Blackheath, Scenic World Katoomba, Hydro Majestic, Megalong Valley, Wentworth Falls. A Tea Dance at Blackheath, a flash mob dance at Scenic World, and a dance in the bush at Megalong Valley. The grand finale of the 2018 Moree Meander.
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Photos from Judy Gorman:
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Blackheath Tea Dance - Circassian Circle Part 2 (1 minute)

Flash Mob at Scenic World. Video from Rodger Poole. (30 seconds)

Posties Jig at Megalong (56 seconds)
Palma Waltz to the tune 'Canberra Waltz' at Megalong (1 minute)
Pride of Erin and Palma Waltz at Megalong. Video from Rodger Poole. (3 minutes)
Waterfall Waltz at Megalong. Video from Judy Gorman. (27 seconds)
Pride of Erin and other dances at Megalong. Video from Judy Gorman. (45 seconds)

With Stuart Simms on keyboard and Bob Hodgson on harmonica.
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Coonabarabran and Mudgee May 2018

A royal wedding at the Coonabarabran Imperial Hotel, walking in the Warrumbungle National Park near Coonabarabran, and Mudgee town and wine and cheese tasting.
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Photos of the royal wedding from Anne Mathas:
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Moree & Lightning Ridge May 2018

Narrabri, Moree Hot Springs, pecan farm, cotton picking, Lightning Ridge.
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And a Video:
Cotton gin in operation (14 seconds)

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Meandering to Moree - Wellington Caves May 2018

A pre-trip get together, Wellington Caves hamburger night, caves tours including Australian megafauna fossils and reproductions, Japanese gardens, and an evening dance in the camp kitchen.
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And a 50 second video taken by Barbara Phillips
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Simon and Clarissa

Simon and Clarissa's wedding at Stage '88 on Sunday 6 May 2018
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New Years Eve

Monaro Folk Society New Year's Eve dance at the Yarralumla Woolshed 31 December 2017
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And some Videos:

The Sausage Machine (2 min)

Virginia Reel (3 min) taken by M. Phillips

Margaret's Waltz (2 min) taken by M. Phillips

Digger's Jig (43 sec) a good crowd keen for more, well after midnight

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Watersports Picnic by the Lake

Bush dancers watersports picnic by the lake, Yarralumla Bay, Friday 29 December 2017
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Cup Day Lunch

Cup Day Lunch on Tuesday 7 November 2017. With caravanning and dancing friends.
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Moree Meander

Please click for 118 pics: Meandering to Moree in May 2017

Photos from Allen B:
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Photos from Roni & Adrian G:
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Photos from Judy G's camera card:
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Photos from Bob H:
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Photos from Tom H:
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Photos from Carmela M's camera card:
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And some Videos: Parkes Maxina 90 seconds video by Wendy B and Judy G.
Moree Palma Waltz to the music "Canberra Waltz" played by Stuart & Bob and Roni. 90 seconds.
Moree Circle Waltz 2 minute, with join-in by other caravanners.
Dubbo Campfire A snippet of faces around the campfire.
Dubbo Hippo 2 minutes at Dubbo Zoo, a hippopotamus having its teeth cleaned.
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Franklyn B Paverty at University House

Franklyn B Paverty and bush dancers from the Monaro Folk Society at University House on Friday 3 February 2017.
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A 2 minute video

Thanks to Dr Zhi-Ping Feng for the photo and video.

And a 1 minute video from my (Lance's) phone.

For more pics please see our Photos page.