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Please credit where appropriate (eg "Source: canberradance.org").

Photos may be downloaded by right-clicking on the large ("broadband") picture and then choosing something like "Save Picture As", depending on your web browser.

Photographs taken at events have been taken openly in public. Any visible objection from those being photographed has been noted and acted upon. Any requests not to use photos taken, or to remove photos from the web, have been noted and acted upon as requested. The photos are meant simply to capture for posterity the joy of a public event. It has not been practical to obtain explicit consent from every person depicted in these photos. If you wish to use any photo please take into account that permission has NOT been obtained from everyone shown in the photos.

If your photograph is shown and you do not wish it to be, please email canberradance(at)gmail(dot)com quoting the web page address (from your browser "address" box) and the photo identifier (from right-click on the photo and then click "copy shortcut") and I will remove it.

The graphics used in this site were collected from various sources on the World Wide Web. If any of these graphics are copyright and not available for this use, please notify canberradance(at)gmail(dot)com as soon as possible.

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