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Essentials of a Successful MFS committee

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This is what I believe are the essentials of a successful MFS committee and attributes I trust all members would want, and indeed expect:

1. A sincere commitment to ethics, truth and honesty within the Society;

2. Building the Society through shared experiences and positive outcomes and by being flexible and fair in all dealings and interactions;

3. A dramatic increase in public awareness of and participation in the Monaro Folk Society through proactive and innovative approaches to marketing;

4. A commitment to the promotion of folk traditions, in all the disciplines, including the encouragement of mutual development of musicians and dancers within the society, through increased opportunities to develop and grow;

5. A single action committee for each activity, and one main (policy) committee with:

a) a positive strategic plan for achieving measurable whole of society goals;

b) encouragement and interest in the achievements and issues of each action committee;

c) democratic leadership to ensure fairness and equity where minority views are heard and the will of the majority carried out;

d) simple reporting and accountability standards to enable us to responsibly share leadership through delegation and empowerment;

6. A concerted effort to fill all positions; broadening participation in the decision making and entrepreneurial activities of the society, with clear definition of our delegated roles;

Lance C