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Barbara & Lance

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The Courting of Barbara & Lance

The Courting of Barbara & LanceWhile not strictly speaking a memoir, this item from Ausdance ACT Dance Action May 2005 is a lovely introduction to our reflections on this and that. Thanks to Paula for the significant research effort, and the even greater effort of distilling it all down to one page.

Barbara and Lance caught up with Ausdance ACT to chat about retirement from the Monaro Folk Society Dance Committee and their shared love of bush dance.

Barbara and Lance met during a barn dance in 1962 and married at Scots Church in Melbourne in 1966. They lived in the bush (Mooroolbark) for several years and moved to Canberra in 1974.

In the early days, Barbara and Lance took their daughters to Woolshed dances run by the Monaro Folk Society (MFS) and attended classes at Corroboree Park hall with teachers Daryl and Di. ... read on

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned The purpose of this note is to record the lessons that we learned through ten years on the dance committee. Our number one lesson learned is that there is an urgent need for an elected committee to run dancing on behalf of the Monaro Folk Society. The other lesson learned is that the principles listed below need to be promoted within the duly elected committee and in accordance with fair and open processes for consideration of ideas and decision making ... read on

1994 Calendar

1994 Calendar The oldest calendar that we still have is the 1994 Monaro Folk Music Society calendar. Includes lots of names that are still familiar.