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Irish Set Dancing

Irish Set Dancers at Belconnen Markets

Click for 5 pictures (Broadband) Combined Irish Set Dance display at Belconnen Markets Saturday 1 March 2008. Rehearsal for ‘Set In Their Ways’ Government House performance.
Click for 5 pics: Broadband or Dial-up

Dancing About

Reprinted from 'Monaro Musings' the magazine of the Monaro Folk Society

It was cool summer's Sunday evening in Tubercurry and the first ceili of the South Sligo Summer School was about to get underway.

Click for Barbara and Lance travel pics on Flickr There were folk from Canberra and around Australia who had said they would be there, but where were they? There we were, in the company of about 120 strangers crammed into St Bridget's Hall off the town square in Tubercurry, near the West coast of Ireland just below the border with Northern Ireland. They were friendly looking strangers, but there was not one familiar face to be seen.

"Clare Lancers" the word came from the stage and we joined the rush to form up sets. ...full story