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**Why Publicise?**

If you wish to attract members of the public to your event, you need publicity. Even those who already know about the event are more likely to come if they see that it is well promoted and therefore likely to be popular and fun.

**About this Document**

This is our standing document that contains some ideas that you can adapt to your needs. Some of them will be relevant to your event; please ignore any that aren't.

Please let us know if you discover any helpful hints that we can add to the document, or if you find any of the information to be out of date or incorrect.

**Publicity Opportunities**

Publicity is the key and publicity is incremental. People see lots of publicity, then eventually one day they give something they see for the umpteenth time a try. Publicity campaigns don't consist of just one effort, but a range of different efforts that all add up to an effect on the market.

There are a large number of available publicity opportunities including posters, flyers, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, email and the web.

Some action ideas are shown below. You may be able to use a network of people to get your message out. They don't have to be the event organisers and they don't have to do all the work, just make sure it gets done. Ask someone to take ownership of each action. They can think it through, keep you informed, and make it happen.

*Posters & Flyers*

1) Publicity (poster and flyers) placed in each library

2) Publicity placed in each shopping centre

3) Publicity placed in each church hall

4) Publicity placed in each gym and similar facility

5) Roadside signs

6) Publicity placed at your own front desk, tables, windows, doors, etc

7) If you email or send us a poster (up to A4 size), we will display it at our performances and other events. We can also put out flyers if you send them to us.


Check the contact information printed near the Community Events and Social sections.

If you have a special event, write a few words (maximum 200) ready for publication written as a media release and email it to the above addresses.

*Personal Contact*

1) Contact social clubs & businesses

2) Give books of vouchers or free double entry to be used as prizes for big public raffles, radio stations, and other awareness raising areas. Remember if the winners would not have been coming otherwise and your costs are fixed then these prizes cost you nothing. Offer business owners rewards such as 2 for 1 entry if they put out your publicity.

3) Organise "Bring a Friend" campaigns.


1) Ring ABC & commercial radio stations, find out when they have segments appropriate for publicising your event.

2) Radio stations host events databases on the web and often announce events selected from the databases in what's on segments. They have free databases that you can update and some examples are shown below.

3) Ring community radio FM 96.7 in Queanbeyan and FM 98.3 2XX in Canberra.

4) Put your event on the AM 666 ABC local radio website - they use that to produce pre-recorded station fillers "what's on in Canberra".

5) Ring ABC 666 community billboard line 1300 681 666 at 2pm Friday afternoon and/or 7am Saturday morning.

6) Put your event on the MIX 106.3 database

Postings to this database seem to appear automatically in FM 104.7 database as well. Entries are read out on air. Canberra's Community Support Website email

*Web and Email*

1) ACT Communities On Line is also used by the Canberra Chronicle as a source for it's community events listings. You may need to register your group in order to post event listings.

2) Canberra Dance News will publish news items on events that are of interest to dancers. Send your succinct plain text to Barbara and Lance <>. For information please see

3) You can post your event details to Google Groups canb.general and canb.announce

4) You can list your event at Yahoo's


Barbara & Lance