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Statement of Activities and Risk Management for Inclusion in MFS Insurance Coverage
The Bush Dancers display group

The Bush Dancers display group (referred to hereinafter as "the group") is an activity of the Monaro Folk Society (MFS). The main committee of the MFS has established a sub-committee to run the group and has appointed primary and secondary contacts, and directed that membership of the group is restricted to members of MFS.

The group reports by way of a written report to the MFS annual general meeting each year. The group does not charge performance fees but instead seeks donations to the MFS. Expenses if any are claimed from the society Treasurer. All incomes and payments pass through the society bank account. The group is delegated by the society to make decisions related to its activities.

The aim of the group is to promote bush dancing and Australian traditional music. The group encourages and facilitates:

1) MFS members to participate in the group as musicians and dancers,

2) members of the public to participate in bush dancing, either at events run by the group or at other bush dancing events, and

3) members of the public to join the MFS

The group emphasises due care at all times and frequently reminds dancers to dance according to the conditions and only to dance when they are confident that they can do the particular dance safely in the conditions. The group is able to dance safely on a range of surfaces including grass, carpet, timber, and tiles. The group inspects dance surfaces for tripping hazards of any kind, and removes or avoids them.

When the group itself is involved in running public events these are in venues commonly used for dancing. Venues may include, but are not limited to, halls, clubs, private houses, and Stage 88. When the group performs at non-MFS events the public may be encouraged to dance but only with the permission of host event organisers and after the dancing surface has been inspected and then tested by the group. The musicians are asked to play slowly whenever this is necessary for safety reasons. Safety of dancers and the public is foremost of all considerations in planning and delivering an event.

The activities of the group are wide-ranging but all related to the promotion of bush dancing and Australian traditional music, and the development of the group.

The typical activities of the group in a year are (but are not limited to):

- 24 performances

- 1 ball

- 4 workshops for members and potential members

- 2 dance parties for members and guests

Prepared By Barbara and Lance C
July 2008

Approved by The Bush Dancers display group committee
July 2008