If you print this list you may need to print the abbreviations also. The list is highly abbreviated to be used as a prompt sheet to refresh your memory once you know the dance. You can copy the text into a word processor and make yourself a small crib sheet if you like. If you click on an abbreviation to check the meaning, you can use your browser's 'Back' button to return to your place in this document. For full instructions for any dance please type the dance name into your search engine, or Email us.

The Bush Dancers 15 Minute Program

March On (cue is march music). March in big circle. Slow down and march on the spot. Couple 1 turn and face couple 2, couple 3, 5, 7 etc repeat.

1) Margaret's Waltz; 32 bar Margaret's Waltz; Sicilian Progressive

AR2; RH turn Opp; LH turn partner; HLC; chassez diagonally R; chassez L; turn to RHS to original places; DoSiDo R Opp; waltz on.

Stay as couple facing couple and move into straight lines of couple facing couple.

2) La Galopade; 4x32 bar Reel; 8 couples in lines of 4

Waltz hold AR, Adv& W swap, rpt back to place, LC, Top of W Line gallop to B

Reform as 3 facing 3

3) Dashing White Sergeant; 32 bar scottish polka or reel; 3 facing 3;

CL; CR; Set&turn R; Set&turn L; RO3; AR4; Thru;

Take partners and form one big circle

4) Circassian Circle - Part 2 32 Bar Jig; Circle;

AR4 x2, W AR4, M AR4, XH Swing Cnr, Sk Prom Cnr

March Off