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Hi and welcome.....................
to my first home page. I'm a 40 year old Electrician  from Perth, Western Australia. Here in Perth and throughout Australia much has been written about my favourite subject, Mahikari or the "True light" of God. This is the Golden Light of God and can  be radiated from ones hands. This has the effect of purifying everything it touches on all three levels -Spiritually, Mentally and Physically.

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My Story
1988 should have been the happiest time of my life. The woman I loved was having our first child, but something went wrong during pregnancy and we split under difficult circumstances. I watched from afar the woman I loved, carrying the child we planned for move into the arms of another man.
During the next several years, there was a lot of bitterness and heartache as we moved through court rooms and strong emotions.
The only thing that kept me going was Love, a faithful blind hope that sooner or later Love would prevail. Little did I know it but the Creator in His wisdom
was bringing me slowly but surely to a deadlock.
By 1991 things had improved a little but nothing ever went smoothly. Work was patchy I blamed the world. No matter how positive I tried to be it was not enough.
I soon found myself pleading with God to understand what He wanted from me or why I was being given such a hard time.
I cried, pleaded and begged God to show me the way out of this deadlocked existence!!!
Well with that, having admitted to myself that I was not in control, a  friend resurfaced after several years and offered me some "Light".
After just one session of Truelight,
Life started to improve!
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 The Official Line
 Sukyo Mahikari is concerned with helping to establish a better world through improving the quality of life for all living creatures and all things. This is achieved by the Light of the Creator God and by practicing principles of the universe, which are given through certain teachings. It is a practical way of becoming God-centred in daily life, and is for all people, irrespective of their religion, race or background. One can play an active role in improving society, the environment and one' s country with the understanding that the origin of the world is one; the origin of all humankind is one; and the origin of all religions is one.

       The aim is to create a futuristic civilization in which progress is measured not only by so-called modern, technological advances in the sphere of materials, but also, improvement is made for everyone and everything. That is, progress in medicine, science, technology, education and so on must be both people friendly and environment-friendly.

      Sukyo Mahikari was established in 1959 by Mr. Kotama Okada, generally known as Sukuinushisama. Beginning in Japan, Sukuinushisama made it possible for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world (approximately 80 countries) to radiate True Light (Mahikari), the Light of God, from the hand. The Light purifies everything spiritually, mentally and physically, and together with the practice of the teachings, enables health, harmony and material well-being to be achieved step by step. At the time of Sukuinushisama's departure from the physical world in 1974, he was succeeded by his daughter, Keishu Okada, generally known as Oshienushisama, who now bestows on people the practice to radiate the Light of God. In addition, Oshienushisama, the present Spiritual Leader of Sukyo Mahikari throughout the world, regularly transmits teachings revealed by God for people to help create a futuristic civilization for the 21st century.
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On a practical level
For many years I suffered with haemorrhoids and the answer I kept receiving from doctors was to have them cut out, along with various other treatments too embarrassing to go into here. Through some of the more experienced members of the Mahikari organization in Perth, I learned that the area joining my leg to my body (or the groin area) is a spot where 'Toxins' are known to accumulate and sometimes go hard. This was certainly the case with my groin anyway. It was suggested that I try to receive Truelight to the groin area. The idea was to 'Purify' the spiritual cells, which are tied to the mental and physical cells. An improvement or 'Cleaning' of the spiritual cells would help the physical condition if it were not beyond repair. Despite being in intense pain from haemorrhoids that seemed about to burst, I sought out another man that was able to radiate this wonderful Light to my groin. Within half a day the size and pain of the haemorrhoids was completely gone and it was replaced by a strange itching on my ankle. Over the next few days my ankle and shin would itch, and toxins started to exit my body at this point. Since that time I have become able to radiate God's Light also. There are times when I feel the return of the haemorrhoids, although it is not very often. After several minutes of Light to the groin area, they start to subside and again my leg becomes itchy as toxins make their way out of the body.
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Relearning the basics
When Truelight and conventional medicine are used together in their correct balance, they form a powerful cross with the strength to purify the Spirit mind and body and bring it back to a harmonious state.  One of the basic principles that I learned during 'Kenshu' (a three day study about universal principles), was that the physical body was embedded with a wonderful ability to repair itself.
Whenever a foreign or toxic substance occurred in the body the healing energy of the body produces heat or 'Fever' to try and melt the offending matter, thus allowing it to leave the body more easily.
The stronger the condition of the heart, the stronger the fever that the body is able to generate. This is why children have many more fevers than adults, because they have a stronger, more vigorous vitality.
Having few fevers since childhood I was amazed at how many fevers my body was able to generate since giving and receiving Light. My body was actually becoming cleaner.
There was even a point in the corners of the eyes where I was encouraged to receive Truelight.
I had not had "sleep" in my eyes since my teens. That morning, crackly/mucousy "sleep" that comes out of ones eyes whilst they are asleep and you awaken to find you can hardly open your eyes. So with great gratitude it was that after receiving Light to the corners of my eyes over a 2 week period, I awoke one morning to find "sleep" coming out of my eyes. Great!!!  More toxins from the brain exiting the body. And those hard little diamonds in the corners of my eyes (near the nose) became soft and flattened out.
I was hooked.
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Some bad press
Recently in Perth there was a bit of a storm in a teacup when the West Australian newspaper tried to discredit Mahikari for political purposes because the wife of a high profile public figure was a member of the Sukyo Mahikari organization.
Most of what has been written was the result of "sensational" style journalism. It was based on the  "fear of anything new".  Many articles that have been published, defended the organization. The large majority of people are starting to realize that the print media has vastly varying ideas on what Truth is. I would like to thank all the people that took the time to decipher the Truth from the fiction and sensationalism. I would like to ask you to take time out to find out more about the Light of God and possibly receive a relaxing session from friendly volunteers. You can find Mahikari in the phone book or contact one of the regional centres as listed.
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