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Carl Vine AO is one of Australia's best known and often performed composers, with an impressive orchestral catalogue featuring seven symphonies and eleven concertos. His piano music is performed frequently around the world and recordings of his music on more than 60 CDs play regularly on Australian radio. He has an extensive range of chamber music alongside various work for film, television, dance and theatre. Although primarily a composer of modern art music, he has undertaken such diverse tasks as arranging the Australian National Anthem and writing music for the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games (Atlanta, 1996). In his role as Artistic Director of Musica Viva Australia, Carl is also Artistic Director of the Huntington Estate Music Festival, Australia's most prestigious chamber music festival. Since 2014 Carl has been Senior Lecturer in Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Reproducible portrait photos are available on the graphic resources page.

Professor Rhoderick McNeill, Head of Arts and Communication at the University of Southern Queensland, has written a comprehensive analysis of most of Carl's music composed from 1973 to 2016. Although it doesn't cover any of the "commercial" work for theatre or multimedia, it is an encyclopaedic reference for the concert music. It is available online at Wildbird Music. Wildbird has produced a Spotify playlist to accompany the new book. The Sydney Symphony performs Carl's new trombone concerto, "Five Hallucinations" at the Sydney Opera House on 5 & 6 April, 2017 conducted by Mark Wigglesworth. The work's premiere last October by the Chicago Symphony attracted rave reviews and a standing ovation. The soloist will be Chicago Symphony trombonist Michael Mulcahy, to whom the work is dedicated. (Also see an article about the work from The Weekend Australian, Feb 2016).

Carl's String Quartet No 6, Child's Play, will be premiered by the Takács Quartet in August on its national concert tour of Australia for the International Concert Season of Musica Viva Australia. The new work is commissioned by the outgoing chairman of Musica Viva, Mike Katz, and his wife Frédérique. It was co-commissioned by the Seattle Commissioning Club, and Carnegie Hall New York. The Quartet will present the US Premiere at Carnegie Hall on October 12 2017.

Talented Australian jazz songstress, Tamara Kuldin, has released an inventive new rendition of Love Me Sweet on her own record label. In the company of original arrangements of songs by Richard Rodgers, Gershwin, Hoagy Carmichael, The Beatles and others, you can buy one track or the whole album via digital download.

The Australia Ensemble will perform Carl's 2013 piano quintet, Fantasia, as part of its 2017 Subscription Concert Series. The ensemble's "Fantasy and Variations" concert is on 8 April 2017 at the Sir John Clancy Auditorium in Sydney.

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music has released a new CD titled Celebrare featuring Carl's orchestral fanfare Celebrare Celeberrime in a special arrangement for wind symphony. The album contains music composed for and commissioned by the Conservatorium's Wind Symphony, directed by Dr John Lynch. It is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Much of Carl's music is available on iTunes. You can also see the selected iTunes listing on this site. (A limited selection is also available at amazon.com).
Carl Vine - a limited selection because Spotify doesn't suport composer listings.
Tall Poppies Records
This Australian record label has released a wide range of Carl's chamber music. Click here to list all music by Carl Vine on the Tall Poppies label.
Faber Music
Most of Carl's new music is published by Faber Music, which hosts an online music store providing printed music as direct download ("digital print") or physical score.
Arkiv Music
Arkiv Music provides online sales of a wide array of rare classical music recordings. It incorporates a growing collection of Carl Vine titles, including several discs that are no longer available elsewhere.
Links to purchase recordings of music by Carl Vine through www.buywell.com are provided throughout this site.
Some of Carl's more popular titles at Buywell:

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