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Arrival of Implacable Gifts (The)
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Arrival of Implacable Gifts (The)
piano 4 hands
duration 4:00  © 2017 Faber Music
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Program Note:

The Arrival of Implacable Gifts was commissioned by the Zofo Piano Duo to form part of their ZofoMOMA presentation featuring music and paintings by musicians and artists from around the globe. This work was composed as musical accompaniment to the 1985 painting of the same name by Australian painter James Gleeson (1915-2008) which should be viewed while listening to the music. The reproduction of the painting during performances of ZofoMOMA has been graciously allowed under licence from the Art Gallery of New South Wales (Australia) and kindly endorsed by the Gleeson O'Keefe Foundation representing the estate of Mr Gleeson.

Carl Vine, 18 May 2017

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