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Mozart: Complete Wind Quartets

Australia Ensemble
Geoffrey Collins (flute)
David Nuttall (oboe)

$23   (Australian dollars)


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The Australia Ensemble, with Geoffrey Collins (flute) and David Nuttall (oboe) play the four flute quartets and the oboe quartet of Mozart. This CD was the 'Recommended Performance' in the 1995 edition of the Gramphone Good CD Guide.

MozartFlute Quartet in D, KV285
Flute Quartet in G, KV285a
Flute Quartet in C, KV Anh, 171 (285b)
Flute Quartet in A, KV 298
Oboe Quartet in F, KV 370


Whatever difficult circumstances surrounded Mozart's relations with Dejean, who commissioned the flute quartets, there is no evidence that they affected the music, despite the composer's open declarations of dislike for the flute which appear in his correspondence. In this new issue of the flute quartets, the Australia Ensemble embrace the music's carefree, buoyant mood wholeheartedly. Their mix of youthful enthusiasm and disciplined ensemble is particularly well suited to this music, and an incisively edged tone-quality gives their performances added impact. They are at their best in the exuberant, faster music, as in the light-hearted expression of, say, the finale of K285, the first movement of K285b, or the wittily parodic finale of K298. However, in slower, lyrical passages, such as the slow movement of the D major Quartet, K285, or the second movement of the C major Quartet, K285b, they deny some of the music's possibilities for contrast. Here, the tonal purity of Bennett and the Grumiaux Trio, or the extremely sensuous melodiousness of Galway and the Tokyo Quartet seem more successful. Galway's disc includes his own version for flute of the Oboe Quartet, K370; here it is played in its original scoring. Galway's arrangement is wholly convincing, but Nuttall's fine oboe playing makes an eloquent case for Mozart's original scoring. These bold, forthright performances from the Australia Ensemble will have a wide appeal.
Gramophone (7/1994)

'All (works) receive extremely fine performances, and with an impressive clarity and balance of recorded sound, bringing a special life and brilliance to the playing, this is an Australian performed and produced disc which bears favourable comparison with the best that can be produced overseas.'
W.L.Hoffman, Canberra Times, January 1994

'The most refreshing aspect of these performances is that the Australia Ensemble does not fall into the trap of trying to inject more 'meaning' into the works than they can bear.'
Cyrus Meher-Homji, Soundscapes, March 1994

Blowing in the Wind - Will they return?, March 3, 2000
Reviewer: Greg Hunter from Terranora, Australia
Magnificent flute music to keep the cobwebs away, whether it is heard from the bustling kitchen or from the music room in a quiet moment. A pity it is no longer available.

Amazon Customer Review

NB: This CD is still available. No Tall Poppies CD is deleted.

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