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TP001  $25  For Children
Geoffrey Tozer - piano

TP002  $25  Café Concertino
new Australian music
performed by
the Australia Ensemble

TP003  $25  For Flute & Guitar
Virginia Taylor (flute), Timothy Kain (guitar)

TP004  $25  Songs of Sea and Sky
Nigel Westlake (clarinets)
David Bollard (piano)

TP005  $25  Totally Prepared
Roger Frampton, prepared piano

TP006  $25  Two Pianos One Mind
Roger Frampton: piano and prepared piano

TP007  $25  Moving the Landscapes
Australysis (improvisations)

TP008  $25  Dark Matter
Jim Denley - flutes

TP009  $25  Mozart Unexpurgated
The Song Company with
Roland Peelman (musical director) and
Geoffrey Lancaster (fortepiano)

TP010  $25  Evocations: The Poet
David Pereira (cello), David Bollard (piano)

TP011  $25  Schubert
the Australia Ensemble

TP012  $20  Antarctica
Film Music by Nigel Westlake

TP013  $25  Carl Vine - Chamber Music Volume 1

TP014  $25  The Eagle & the Ocean
Riley Lee (shakuhachi), Geoff Ween-Vermazen (electric guitar)

TP015  $25  Riley Lee: Breath sight
Yearning for the Bell, vol. 1
Riley Lee (shakuhachi)

TP016  $25  Christmas under Capricorn
The Australian Youth Orchestra
with Graham Abbott (conductor)

TP017  $25  Only Cello
David Pereira (cello)

TP018  $25  The Wild Russians
David Pereira (cello)
Lisa Moore (piano)

TP019  $25  Pure Piano
Roger Frampton (piano)

TP020  $25  The Hands the Dream
Daniel Herscovitch (piano)

TP021  $25  Rita Hunter in Recital
Rita Hunter (soprano)
Victor Morris (piano)

TP022  $25  Mozart Sonatas for Fortepiano
Geoffrey Lancaster (fortepiano)

TP023  $25  Schumann Lieder
Gerald English (tenor), Roger Smalley (piano)

TP024  $20  The Battlers
Film Music by Carl Vine

TP025  $25  Music by John Cage for Prepared Piano
Nigel Butterley (prepared piano), Gerald English (tenor)

TP026  $25  Martenitsa Choir

TP027  $25  Wish
Stevie Wishart

TP028  $25  Artisans Workshop

TP029  $25  Mozart: Complete Wind Quartets
Australia Ensemble
Geoffrey Collins (flute)
David Nuttall (oboe)

TP030  $25  Synergy with Samuels
Synergy Percussion
Dave Samuels (vibraphone)

TP031  $25  Enchanted Dreams ... Exotic Dances
Geoffrey Collins (flute)
Alice Giles (harp)

TP032  $25  Prokofiev & Carter
David Pereira (cello)
Lisa Moore (piano)

TP033  $25  Water Music
Riley Lee (shakuhachi)

TP034  $25  The Machine for Making Sense

TP035  $25  Chamber Music of Georges Lentz

TP036  $25  Ocean Flows
Rik Rue (tape)

TP037  $25  Notations
Stephanie McCallum (piano)

TP038  $25  Atmasphere

TP039  $25  Windows in Time

TP040  $25  Stroke
Lisa Moore (piano)

TP041  $25  Schumann Works for Oboe
David Nuttall (oboe)
Larry Sitsky (piano)

TP042  $25  Horn Concertos
Hector McDonald (horn)
Academy of Melbourne
Brett Kelly (conductor)

TP043  $25  Points of Departure

TP044  $25  Like a Bird
Satsuki Odamura (koto)
Ian Cleworth (percussion)
Riley Lee (shakuhachi)
Cleis Pearce (viola)
Kazue Sawai (koto)

TP045  $25  The Country of Here Below
Ross Bolleter
(ruined pianos and accordions)

TP046  $25  Christmas Day
Quodlibet Singers
Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra

TP047  $25  Onomatopoeia
Chamber Music of Nigel Westlake

TP048  $25  Incredible Floridas
Chamber Music of Richard Meale
the Australia Ensemble

TP049  $25  Retrospect
Larry Sitsky (piano)

TP050  $25  the next room
2 CDs for the price of one!

TP051  $25  Ecstatic Dances
Chamber Music of Ross Edwards

TP052  $25  Shostakovich
Australia Ensemble

TP053  $25  Chamber Music of Andrew Ford

TP054  $25  Josquin
Sydney Chamber Choir
Nicholas Routley (director)

TP055  $25  Alkan
Stephanie McCallum (piano)

TP056  $25  Souvenir
Graham Wood (violin)
David Bollard (piano)

TP057  $25  Harpsichord Recital
Nicholas Parle (harpsichord)

TP058  $25  A Patchwork of Shadows
Ian Munro (piano)

TP059  $25  Night People
Steve Hunter (electric bass guitar)

TP060  $25  Voices
Roger Smalley (piano)

TP061  $25  Travelling On
Australian Creole

TP062  $25  Piano recital
Mary Warnecke (piano)

TP063  $25  On Our Way
The Transylvaniacs

TP064  $25  The Green CD
The Song Company
Roland Peelman (musical director)

TP065  $25  Chamber Music of Andrew Schultz
Margaret Schindler (soprano)

TP066  $25  Janacek
Complete Piano Music
Lisa Moore (piano)

TP067  $25  Violin recital
Marina Marsden (violin)
Robert Chamberlain (piano)

TP068  $25  John Lemmoné
Flute Works
Paul Curtis (flute)
David Miller (piano)

TP069  $25  Spinning
Geoffrey Collins (flutes)
David Miller (piano)
David Pereira (cello)

TP070  $38  Mozart
The Complete Piano Trios
(2 CD set)

TP071  $25  Awakening

TP072  $25  Wattamolla Red
Electronic Music by Martin Wesley-Smith

TP073  $25  Clare Maclean
The Complete Choral Music

TP074  $38  Watt ever
A 2 CD set

TP075  $25  Cello Dreaming
David Pereira (cello)

TP076  $25  Beethoven Sonatas
Stephen Savage (piano)

TP077  $25  The Secular Josquin
The Song Company
Nicholas Routley (guest director)

TP078  $25  Cello Rhapsody
David Pereira (cello)
David Bollard (piano)

TP079  $25  Schubert Finished
Ian Munro (piano)

TP080  $25  Mere Bagatelles
Ian Munro (piano)

TP081  $25  Alkan & Magnard
Stephanie McCallum (piano)

TP082  $25  Songs with Mara

TP083  $25  Cambewarra Mountain
David Lumsdaine (soundscape)

TP084  $25  Viola Concerti
Patricia Pollett (viola)

TP085  $20  The Edge
Film Music by Nigel Westlake

TP086  $25  A Day in the Life of a Clarinet
Peter Jenkin (clarinets)

TP087  $25  Mozart
Australian String Quartet
Katharine Brockman (viola)

TP088  $25  Virtuoso Transcriptions
David Stanhope (piano)

TP089  $25  Sculthorpe
Complete String Quartets Vol 1

Goldner String Quartet

TP090  $25  Sculthorpe
Complete String Quartets Vol 2

Goldner String Quartet

TP091  $25  Mutawinji
David Lumsdaine (soundscape)

TP092  $25  Lake Emu
David Lumsdaine (soundscapes)

TP093  $25  39 Dissonant Etudes
Warren Burt (computers)

TP094  $25  Claude Debussy: Piano Music, Vol. 1
Roy Howat (piano)

TP095  $25  In the Pipeline
Pipeline Project

TP096  $25  Uluru
David Pereira - cello

TP097  $25  Meditation
Olivier Messiaen's organ music

TP098  $25  Viola Power
Patricia Pollett (viola)

TP099  $25  Powerful Medicine
Sonic Fiction

TP100  $25  David Malouf reads from Poems 1959-89

TP101  $10  Inner World - Carl Vine
David Pereira (cello)

TP102  $25  Bamboo Grass
Yearning for the Bell, vol. 2
Riley Lee (shakuhachi)

TP103  $25  Cello
Howard Penny (cello)

TP104  $25  Kodály
Mary Warnecke (piano)

TP105  $25  Jamaican Rumba: Volume 1
Arthur Benjamin - the piano music
Ian Munro - piano

TP106  $25  Passionfruit

TP107  $25  Little Ripper
Wind band music
by David Stanhope

TP108  $25  Gates Beyond
Peter Waters (piano)

TP109  $25  Present Tense
AustraLYSIS Electroband

TP110  $25  Goldberg Variations
Nicholas Parle (harpsichord)

TP111  $25  Quito
A radio drama by Martin and Peter Wesley-Smith

TP112  $25  Peggy Glanville-Hicks
The Songs

TP113  $25  A garden of Earthly Delights
Australian Youth Orchestra

TP114  $25  Horn Trios
Hector McDonald (horn)
John Harding (violin)
Ian Munro (piano)

TP115  $25  The Selfish Giant
Ballet music by Graeme Koehne

TP116  $25  Margaret Sutherland
The Chamber Music for Strings

TP117  $10  An Australian Collection
Various performers

TP118  $25  Empty Sky
Yearning for the Bell, vol. 3
Riley Lee (shakuhachi)

TP119  $25  Romancing the Oboe
David Nuttall: oboe
Timothy Kain: guitar

TP120  $25  Carl Vine - Chamber Music Volume 2

TP121  $38  Johann Caspar Kerll
Complete Keyboard Music
2-CD set

TP122  $25  Sweeter Than Roses
Henry Purcell: Songs and harpsichord pieces

TP123  $25  Claude Debussy: Piano Music, Vol. 2
Roy Howat - piano

TP124  $25  Jan Sedivka
An 80th birthday celebration

TP125  $25  Jann Rutherford - Discovery

TP126  $25  Raft Song at Sunrise
Ross Edwards
Chamber Music Vol. 2

TP127  $25  Anne Boyd
Crossing a Bridge of Dreams

TP128  $25  Harbour
Music by Andrew Ford
Gerald English - tenor

TP129  $25  Australian Cello
Georg Pedersen (cello)
David Bollard (piano)

TP130  $25  Off the Beaten Track
Don Rader - flugelhorn
Roger Frampton - piano

TP131  $25  Mozart & Brahms: The Clarinet Quintets
Australia Ensemble

TP132  $25  Viva Sax!
Margery Smith - saxophones

TP133  $25  Red Earth
Tall Poppies Ensemble

TP134  $25  Jamaican Rumba: Volume 2
Arthur Benjamin - Chamber Music

TP135  $25  David Stanhope plays

TP136  $25  Peter Sculthorpe
Music for Cello

TP137  $25  Salzedo
Alice Giles - harp

TP138  $25  Autumn Field
Yearning for the Bell, vol. 4

TP139  $38  Tristram Cary - Soundings
Electroacoustic Works 1955-1996

TP140  $38  Bach: Clavierübung III
John O'Donnell - organ

TP141  $25  The Ockeghem Legacy
Sydney Chamber Choir

TP142  $25  There came a Wind like a Bugle
Nigel Butterley Chamber Music

TP143  $25  Lift Off
Australian Piano Music for Children

TP144  $38  Bach: The Cello Suites
(2 CDs)

TP145  $25  Anne Ghandar - Piano Music
Ian Munro & Anne Ghandar, piano

TP146  $25  Graeme Murphy's Body of Work

TP147  $25  Purple Black and Blues
Elena Kats-Chernin Piano Music

TP148  $25  The Potato Factory
Music by Carl Vine

TP149  $25  Mythologia
Carl Vine
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

TP150  $25  Icarus
Music by Andrew Ford

TP151  $25  Deep Night
Yearning for the Bell, Vol. 5

TP152  $25  Terrains
Music by Peter Sculthorpe & Michael Hannan

TP153  $25  Acouslytic
Roger Dean & Hazel Smith

TP154  $25  The Inner Line
Stephen Emmerson
Bernard Lanskey
(piano 4 hands)

TP155  $25  Recital
Australian Art Song

TP156  $25  Rautavaara
The Cello Music

TP157  $25  Dietrich Buxtehude Cantatas
Arcadia, directed by Jacqueline Ogeil

TP158  $10  Tall Poppies 10th Birthday Sampler
Welcome to Tall Poppies!

TP159  $25  The Spritely Ones
Judy Bailey - solo jazz piano

TP160  $25  landscape's creatures
Sydney Chamber Choir

TP161  $25  Fantasies
Esther van Stralen - viola

TP162  $25  Still Life

TP163  $25  The Scented Garden

TP164  $25  Claude Debussy: Piano music, Vol. 3

TP165  $25  Claude Debussy: Piano music, Vol. 4

TP166  $25  Bach for Christmas

TP167  $25  Phoenix Crying
Yearning for the Bell, Vol 6

TP168  $25  Searching
Yearning for the Bell, Vol 7

TP169  $25  Mirrors of Fire
Australian Guitar Originals

TP170  $25  Pratt's Alchemy
Daryl Pratt: Works for Percussion

TP171  $25  Suspended Preludes
Andrew Schultz
Chamber Music Vol. 2

TP172  $23  Brahms
Violin Sonatas

TP173  $25  Handel - Italian Cantatas
Jacqueline Ogeil - director

TP174  $25  Down Longford Way
The Music of Katharine Parker

TP175  $25  Bruce Cale Quartet Live
at the Adelaide Festival 1980

TP176  $25  Musica Viva 60th Anniversary CD

TP177  $25  fluctuating states of calm
Chamber music of Sandra France

TP178  $25  Fretsongs
Tasmanian music for guitar

TP179  $25  Woman's Song
Australian settings of Judith Wright

TP180  $25  Electric Cello

TP181  $25  Chamber of Horrors
Chamber music by Elena Kats-Chernin

TP182  $25  sonic stones
austraLYSIS Electroband
Roger Dean - computers, keyboards
Greg White - computers, sound projection

TP183  $25  Water Settings
Match plays music for duo percussion

TP184  $25  Virtuoso Recital
David Stanhope - piano

TP185  $25  Lest we forget
A manifest of struggle and hope

TP186  $25  Blue Rags
Ian Munro - piano

TP187  $25  The Hinchinbrook Riffs
Chamber Music by Nigel Westlake, Vol. 2

TP188  $25  Bruce Cale
Orchestral Works

TP189  $25  Café Fiddle
Ben Breen - violin
Milton Kaye - piano

TP190  $25  Carl Vine: The Piano Music (1990 - 2006)
Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)

TP191  $10  CD Sampler
An overview of recent releases on Tall Poppies

TP192  $25  Christmas to Candlemas
Christmas to Candlemas
Ensemble Gombert
John O’Donnell - musical director

TP193  $25  Coil
Claire Edwardes

TP194  $25  Trio Sonatas
Accademia Arcadia

TP195  $25  Kaleidoscope

TP196  $25  Slow Food
Elena Kats-Chernin • piano

TP197  $25  Raymond Hanson
Complete Works for Violin and Piano
Susan Collins - violin
David Miller - piano

TP198  $25  David Lumsdaine
Complete Music for Piano
Mark Knoop - piano

TP199  $25  Sydney Brass plays Stanhope

TP200  $25  Merry-Go-Round
Chamber music by Martin Wesley-Smith
Australia Ensemble
Timothy Constable (percussion)

TP201  $25  Joseph Haydn
Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 1
Geoffrey Lancaster, fortepiano

TP202  $25  Bright Vessel
Recent Australian Oboe Music

Stephen Robinson - oboe, oboe d'amore
Merlyn Quaife - soprano
Elyane Laussade - piano
Marshall McGuire - harp
Peter Neville - percussion
Slava Grigoryan - guitar

TP203  $25  On Fire
Bruce Cale Quartet
Live at the Sydney Musicians' Club, 1980

TP204  $25  Bolmimerie
SHE (Seven Harp Ensemble)

TP205  $25  Abrazo Tango

TP206  $25  Peter Sculthorpe
The String Quartets, Vol. 3
Goldner String Quartet

TP207  $25  The Metallic Violins
Australian music for violin duo

James Cuddeford & Natsuko Yoshimoto

TP208  $25  Joseph Haydn
Complete Keyboard Sonatas, vol. 2
Geoffrey Lancaster, fortepiano

TP209  $25  The Waltz Book
60 one-minute waltzes by Andrew Ford
Ian Munro, piano

TP210  $25  Don Kay: Bird Chants
Vanessa Sharman, piano

TP211  $25  Across the Top
Paul Cutlan: bass clarinet, composer
Brett Hirst: bass
The NOISE Quartet: Veronique Serret, Liisa Pallandi: violin
James Eccles viola • Ollie (Oliver) Miller: cello
Special guest Mara Kiek: tapan (track 5)

TP212  $25  Alternating Currents
Bernadette Harvey - piano

TP213  $25  Especially…
Alice Giles
7 Works for Harp

TP214  $25  Barber & Debussy
David Berlin - cello
Len Vorster - piano

TP215  $25  Flash
Miniatures for Marimba
Claire Edwardes - marimba

TP216  $25  Joseph Haydn: Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Volume 3
Geoffrey Lancaster - fortepiano

TP217  $25  Ensemble Liaison
Svetlana Bogosavljevic – cello
David Griffiths – clarinet
Timothy Young – piano

TP218  $25  Osanna
Choral Music by Clare Maclean
Sydney Chamber Choir
Paul Stanhope- conductor

TP219  $25  Romantic Rarities
Ian Holtham - piano

TP220  $25  Mantras and Night Flowers
Music by Ross Edwards and Carl Vine
Bernadette Harvey - piano

TP221  $25  Six Fish
Guitar Trek celebrating 25 years

TP222  $25  Blue Silence
Australian music for cello and piano
David Pereira - cello
Timothy Young - piano

TP223  $25  One
Claire Edwardes - percussion

TP224  $25  Paul Terracini: Music for Brass
Sydney Brass
Soloists: Paul Goodchild, Scott Kinmont
Conductor: Paul Terracini

TP225  $38  Multi-Piano (2CDs)
Roger Dean
1978 to 2012

TP227  $25  Inspirations
Ian Holtham - piano

TP228  $25  Close your eyes and I'll close mine
Anna McMichael - violin
Tamara-Anna Cislowska - piano

TP229  $40  Pilgrimage to Montserrat
The Renaissance Players
directed by Winsome Evans

TP230  $35  TEN
Chopin Etudes, Op. 10
Godowsky Studies on Chopin Etudes, Op. 10
David Stanhope - piano

TP231  $25  Pillar of Wisdom (Cantigas de Santa Maria Vol IV)
The Renaissance Players
directed by Winsome Evans

TP232  $25  Gabriel's Message (Cantigas de Santa Maria Vol V)
The Renaissance Players
directed by Winsome Evans

TP233  $25  The Emerald Leopard
Josie and the Emeralds
Josie Ryan, soprano; Brooke Green, (director), Laura Moore, Catherine Upex, Fiona Ziegler, viols
Guest artists: Belinda Montgomery, soprano
Margo Adelson, Anthea Cottee, Elizabeth Rumsey, Laura Vaughan, viols
Jacques Emery, double bass and percussion

TP234  $25  History Goes Everywhere
AustraLYSIS Electroband
Roger Dean: leader, piano, computer
Sandy Evans: saxophones
Greg White: computer
Hazel Smith: text, performer

TP235  $25  Song Offerings
2 Song Cycles by Val Gavin
Julian Gavin: tenor
May Gavin: piano

TP236  $25  Kingfisher
Songs for Halcyon
performed by
Alison Morgan: soprano
Jenny Duck-Chong: mezzo soprano
Laura Chislett Jones: piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute
Jason Noble: clarinet, bass clarinet
Geoffrey Gartner: cello
William Jackson, Joshua Hill: percussion

TP237  $25  Midnight Songs
Joel Brennan - trumpet
Don Immel - trombone
Ken Murray - guitar

TP238  $25  Joseph Haydn: Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol 4
Geoffrey Lancaster - fortepiano

TP239  $25  Mass of the Dreaming
Australian Sacred Choral Music
Brisbane Chamber Choir • Graeme Morton, director

TP240  $25  The Prospect and Blower of Bliss
Music by Johanna Selleck
Poetry by Aphra Behn and Graeme Ellis

Merlyn Quaife - soprano
Judith Dodsworth - soprano
Arwen Johnston - percussion
Anne Norman - shakuhachi
Caroline Almonte - piano

TP241  $25  Amatorios
Music for Voice and Guitar
Rebecca MacCallion, soprano • Bradley Kunda, guitar

TP242  $25  Yakiya
Adrian Sherriff - bass trombone
Jonathan Dimond - electric bass
Adam King - drums

TP243  $25  Il Diavolo
Accademia Arcadia
Davide Monti: Baroque violin
Josephine Vains: Baroque cello
Jacqueline Ogeil: Cristofori piano

TP244  $25  rockpoolmirror
A Suite of Music by Sandy Evans
Sandy Evans: soprano & tenor saxophone
Steve Elphick: double bass
Alon Ilsar: airsticks & drums
Satsuki Odamura: koto & bass koto
Adrian Sherriff: bass trombone
Bobby Singh: tabla

TP245  $25  Home by Eleven
Mix't Trio
Matt Styles: soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, flute. alto flute
Paul Tanner: marimba, vibraphone, cajon, percussion
Adam Pinto: piano, bass thongaphone

TP246  $40  Immersion (3 CD set)
Deborah Kayser (Soprano)
Adam Simmons (Saxophones, clarinets)
Anthony Schulz (Piano Accordion)
Peter Neville (Percussion)
Matthias Schack Arnott (Percussion)
Nick Tsiavos (Contrabass/Composer and Artistic Director)
Jim Atkins (Producer/Recording Engineer)

TP247  $25  Mozart Keyboard Sonatas KV330-332
Geoffrey Lancaster (fortepiano)

TP248  $25  Music for Percussion and Electronics
Music for Percussion and Electronics

TP251  $25  The Sonata Project
Bernadette Harvey - piano

TP252  $25  Diamond Morning
Viney-Grinberg Duo
Music for Two Pianos

TP253  $25  Joseph Haydn: The Seven Last Words of Christ
Geoffrey Lancaster – fortepiano

TP254  $25  In other words
Anna McMichael (violin)
Daniel de Borah (piano)

TP255  $25  Australian Premières
First recordings of unperformed Australian symphonies

TP256  $25  Transformation
Music by Roger Smalley for percussion, piano and electronics
Adam Pinto (piano)
Chris Tonkin (electronics)
Paul Tanner (percussion)

TP257  $25  SPACE
Colin Bright Syzygy Band
Paul Cutlan - bass clarinet, saxes + FX
Nick Polovineo - trombone + FX
Noam Jaffe - violin + FX
Stephen Morley - horn + FX
Jim Piesse - percussion + FX
Colin Bright - piano + FX + sampling

TP259  $25  Australian Fantasia
Orchestral Works by David Stanhope

TP900  $35  TEN
Chopin Etudes, Op 10
Godowsky Studies on Chopin's Etudes, Op 10
David Stanhope - piano and commentator



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