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TP251 - The Sonata Project Bernadette Harvey (piano)
This project, the inspiration of pianist Bernadette Harvey, is an ongoing commissioning program for the creation of new large-scale compositions for solo piano. Through her performances and recordings of these works, Bernadette's mission is being realized - to provide a platform on which to amplify the work of 21st century composers, to enlarge the number of large-scale sonatas written by women composers, and to ensure the future of the solo acoustic piano recital.
TP248 - Music for Percussion and Electronics Louise Devenish (percussion)
Louise Devenish is based in Western Australia and is an active performer, including with such ensembles as Decibel, Speak Percussion and The Sound Collectors. This recording was made as a result of a series of recitals (Music for One Percussionist 2012-14). The composers presented are all award-winning middle-generation Australians whose music is reaching audiences nation-wide.
TP247 - Mozart Keyboard Sonatas KV330-332 Geoffrey Lancaster (fortepiano)
Geoffrey Lancaster is still wowing audiences in the fifth decade of his performing career. Tall Poppies first recorded Geoffrey playing Mozart way back in 1991 when he accompanied the Song Company in their Unexpurgated Mozart recording. Here we are 26 years later still recording and releasing the music of this ever-fascinating composer.
TP246 - Immersion (various artists)
Six musicians journey into an exploration of darkness and light, immersing themselves into an unknown landscape; wholly open to acts of transformation upon their psyches, they sink into an abyss of dreams.
TP245 - Home by Eleven Mix't Trio
This debut album features all-Australian cross-genre works that bring together classical, Latin, African and jazz in a unique way, and performed by Paul Tanner (percussion), Adam Pinto (Piano) and Matt Styles (saxophones).
TP244 - rockpoolmirror Sandy Evans (soprano & tenor saxophone) and others
The essential ingredients for this CD: Sandy Evans loving the dawn photos taken in Shoalhaven Gorge by Belinda Webster in the early 2000's; A supporter in Tasmania offering to fund the project; Sandy writing some amazing music to be heard with the photos; an eclectic group of friends agree to play and record this music.
TP243 - Il Diavolo Accademia Arcadia
Jacqueline Ogeil from Accademia Arcadia said, "we named the CD in honour of Tartini's Sonata in G minor, nicknamed the "Devil's Trill" for its fiendishly difficult violin part and devilish reputation, superbly performed by our own Italian Devil, David Monti." She added; "It is said that Tartini himself dreamed that the devil appeared to him and asked to be his servant. Tartini handed the devil his violin to test his skill – the devil immediately began to play with such virtuosity that Tartini felt his breath taken away. Upon awakening Tartini immediately grasped his violin in to retain in part, at least, the impression of the musical dream.
TP242 - Yakiya Tripataka
Yakiya is the debut release by Melbourne band Tripataka. This album presents a blend of original compositions that capture the endless inspiration the band members derive from the music of North and South India, Bali, Brazil, Cuba and many other styles of music from around the world. Trained in these intercultural forms of music as well as jazz and European classical music, the breadth of the band members' combined experience and instrumental resources far surpass that of a typical contemporary jazz trio.
TP241 - Amatorios Rebecca MacCallion (soprano), Bradley Kunda (guitar)
Soprano Rebecca MacCallion joins Guitar Trek's Bradley Kunda to celebrate the combined beauty of the voice and the guitar. The two made their ensemble debut in ABC Classic FM's Sunday Live series, and have since been invited to share their unique programs with audiences across Australia, Spain, Montenegro and Italy. Together, they are rejuvenating the repertoire for guitar and voice with significant new arrangements and compositions.


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