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TP258 - From the Hungry Waiting Country Halcyon performs Elliott Gyger
Three astounding works by Elliott Gyger are presented by Halcyon and featuring the thrilling voices of Jenny Duck-Chong and Alison Morgan and some of Australia's best performers. This is challenging music which rewards every listen. It's full of mystery and glistening textures and its narrative holds you to the end.
TP249 - three kinds of silence Chamber music by Christine McCombe
This CD contains four chamber works by Christine McCombe, a Melbourne-based composer, teacher and writer. These are all world premiere recordings. It is also the first CD released of her chamber music. After initial studies in composition at the University of Melbourne and the Victorian College of the Arts, Christine moved to the UK in 1997 to study with James MacMillan at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, and later completed a PhD in composition at the University of Edinburgh.
TP250 - This Moment must be sung Halcyon
This is a very special recording of some extraordinary vocal music by Australian composer Andrew Schultz. Halcyon (which is Alison Morgan and Jenny Duck-Chong, and a stellar band of instrumental musicians) has championed Schultz's work for one and two voices throughout its twenty-year history.
TP259 - Australian Fantasia
Orchestral Works by David Stanhope
David Stanhope
This CD presents orchestral works by David Stanhope and four of his transcriptions for orchestra. Except for Olympic Fireworks, which was part of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games opening ceremony, all these works are hitherto unperformed in public.
TP257 - SPACE Colin Bright Syzygy Band
This CD presents one work by Colin Bright written especially for his Syzygy Band, an ensemble of outstanding improvising musicians. The score is published in the CD booklet, and this allows a listener to follow the music and see where the music is written out and where it becomes the reponsibility of the ensemble members to improvise.
TP256 - Transformation
Music by Roger Smalley
Adam Pinto (piano)
Chris Tonkin (electronics)
Paul Tanner (percussion)
Roger Smalley was one of Australia's most respected composers. He eschewed popular styles and wrote an oeuvre of works that are both thrilling and challenging, and always of the highest musical level. This project is a loving tribute from three musicians from Perth, Western Australia who have recorded three previously unrecorded works by Smalley.
TP255 - Australian Premières David Stanhope
None of these symphonies has ever been performed in public. Once you've heard this music you will wonder why. All three works are definitely worth hearing. By making use of his digital orchestra, David Stanhope has breathed life into these neglected works, making them available to be heard for the first time.
TP254 - In Other Words Anna McMichael (violin), Daniel de Borah (piano)
Transcriptions have long been a popular genre. Composers rework their own compositions and often those of others, whether as tribute or appropriation. The recreated pieces selected for violin and piano for this CD were both written and arranged for this combination by Brahms, Schumann, Liszt and Stravinsky. This lovely program was devised by violinist Anna McMichael with pianist Daniel de Borah, two of Australia's most accomplished musicians.
TP253 - Joseph Haydn: The Seven Last Words of Christ Geoffrey Lancaster (fortepiano)
This is one of the most extraordinary of Haydn's late works. Five versions exist, including the original orchestral work. This keyboard version was made by his publisher, Artaria, and was thoroughly approved by the composer. It is a work full of passion and contemplation and given a superlative performance. It is the first Australian recording of this piece, and it shines in comparison to the six other performances currently available on CD.
TP252 - Diamond Morning
Music for Two Pianos
Viney-Grinberg Duo
As the Duo says: "This recording celebrates musical minimalism and its ability to move in time, space and memory in a maximal way. Through vivid evocations of diverse geographies, a groove-inflected narrative wends through locales such as Bali, Persia, New York City, the Northern California/Nevada border, and Australia's Wollombin/Mount Warning, in northern New South Wales."
TP251 - The Sonata Project Bernadette Harvey (piano)
This project, the inspiration of pianist Bernadette Harvey, is an ongoing commissioning program for the creation of new large-scale compositions for solo piano. Through her performances and recordings of these works, Bernadette's mission is being realized - to provide a platform on which to amplify the work of 21st century composers, to enlarge the number of large-scale sonatas written by women composers, and to ensure the future of the solo acoustic piano recital.
TP247 - Mozart Keyboard Sonatas KV330-332 Geoffrey Lancaster (fortepiano)
Geoffrey Lancaster is still wowing audiences in the fifth decade of his performing career. Tall Poppies first recorded Geoffrey playing Mozart way back in 1991 when he accompanied the Song Company in their Unexpurgated Mozart recording. Here we are 26 years later still recording and releasing the music of this ever-fascinating composer.


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