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A good friend of mine,
Peter O'Connell, kindly provided a report of a trip in Oct, 2000 around South Australia.  Details provided by Peter are preceded by the identifier
POC in the list below.

A super resource for spotting in SA can be found at the Australian Aviation Archive

  • Adelaide Airport (10 Sept 1998)
  • Aldinga Airfield (21 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  About 45 km south of Adelaide - its shown in the Adelaide street directory.  Two Tiger Moths (VH-ALP and VH-ART) were joy-flighting.  Seven light aircraft seen.
  • Andamooka Airfield (25 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  too wet to visit.
  • Blinman (26 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  East of town, seemed to be on private property.  Closed hangar; no aircraft seen.  There is apparently another strip at the town racecourse.
  • Bordertown Airfield (29 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  Sealed strip, four closed hangars.  No aircraft seen.
  • Carrieton Airfield (27 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  About two km north of town.  Strip and windsock only.  Was there myself on 12 Feb, 2001, no aircraft seen.
  • Ceduna Airport (14 Feb 2001)
  • On the east side of the town.  Two hangars and a terminal building.  Four Cessna 337s, two Aero Commanders (out of Essendon) and a Fletcher FU-24 (VH-HVP) seen.
  • Clayton Airfield (20 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  Three km north of town.  Hangar and windsock visible from main road.  No aircraft seen.
  • Cleve Aerodrome (24 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  To the south-east of town - signposted.  Small terminal building, no hangars.  Two light aircraft seen.
  • Coffin Bay (24 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  Just north of town.  Looked like a new strip.  Windsock, nothing else.
  • Coonawarra Airfield (19 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  an airfield in the middle of the vineyards.  There are airfield/airport signs on the main road - airfield is west of the main road.  Turn west at tall transmission tower and then take airfield road.  The airfield is a sealed strip with small hangar/shed.  No aircraft were present.
  • Cowell Airfield (24 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  About two km west of town, about one km off the main road.  An Ayres Diet Thrush (VH-NFA), a helicopter and a Cessna 182B (VH-RFG) seen.
  • Crystal Brook (23 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  on the south side of town.  Windsock and two sheds.  No aircraft seen.
  • Cummins (24 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  A Council strip is on the north-west side of town.  Windsock and nothing else.  Eight km north-west of town is the Eyre Commuter airstrip - looked like a sealed strip; modern hangar (contained two aircraft).
  • Edinburgh RAAF Base (13 Sept 1998)
  • El Alamein, Army Strip (23 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  South-west of Port Augusta.  Strip, orange windsock only.
  • Farrell Flat Airfield (22 Oct 2000)
  • POC: Strip, hangar and windsock.  Two Cessnas seen.
  • Goolwa Aerodrome (20 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  About five km north-west of town.  Modern hangars/offices, but the place seemed deserted.  No aircraft seen.
  • Hallett (22 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  A Cessna 182G noted at Tiverna Park Station.
  • Hawker Airfield (26 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  About six km north-east of town on the road to Wilpena.  Looked like a newly sealed strip and new terminal.  An Aero Commander (VH-UJZ) and an Ayres Turbo Thrush (VH-NFV)  were seen.  Was there myself on 12 Feb, 2001, VH-UJZ was parked, no other aircraft seen.
  • Jamestown Airfield (22 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  on the eastside of town.  An airshow was being held and over 120 aircraft seen.  Interesting ones included DC-3 (VH-ABR), Mustang (VH-AGJ), Cessna 195 (VH-AVZ), Cessna 170s (VH-BFE, VH-OSZ and VH-COS), Austers (VH-ARX, VH-BHA, VH-WWG and VH-SEB), Winjeels (VH-EDA, VH-WIU and VH-HOY), Stearman (VH-JLA), Trojan (VH-MEO), Tiger Moths (VH-SEC and VH-WRL), Harvard (VH-TOA), Yak-52 (VH-YYC) and Chipmunk (VH-ZIZ).  The RAAF Roulettes team was also there with their PC-9s.  POC:  27 Oct, 2000.  Two hangars, each with one aircraft.  No aircraft outside.
  • Karoonda (29 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  East of town is a property where a DC-3 (VH-EWE) now resides.
  • Kimba Aerodrome (13 Feb 2001)
  • Two strips, two hangars and a windsock.  One light aircraft seen.
  • Koppio (24 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  near Koppio, on Growdens Road.  Strip, two windsocks and Port Lincoln Model Aircraft Flying Club sign.  No aircraft seen.
  • Kingston SE Airfield (20 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  1 km east of town on the Princes Hwy.  Two hangars.  Five GA aircraft seen.
  • Leigh Creek Airport (27 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  South of town.  One light aircraft seen.
  • Mannahill (11 Feb 2001)
  • On the Peterborough to Broken Hill road - close to the middle of nowhere!  A single strip, no aircraft seen.
  • Meningie Airfield (20 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  Two km south-east of town on the Princes Hwy.  Two hangars.
  • Millicent Airport (20 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  Just north of town on road to Penola.  Four hangars, one of which may have contained a Tiger Moth.  No aircraft seen.  Millicent Gliding Club building.
  • Mount Gambier Airport (20 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  about 10 km north of town.  Nine light aircraft seen.  Visited myself on 11 Jan 2002.  It was a decent country airport (six hangars, one ex-RAAF) serviced by scheduled flights from Kendell and O'Connor Air Services.  Saw two Metros (Kendell) and two Jetstreams in action.  Home to O'Connor Air Services and the Mt Gambier Aero Club.  Saw about half a dozen light aircraft.
  • Naracoorte Aerodrome (19 Oct 2000)
  • POC: About 3 km south-west of town.  Nine hangars.  Interesting aircraft included a Decathlon (VH-CWU), an Agwagon (VH-JKP), a Rockwell S2R-600 (VH-RRB), a Gippsland GA-200C (VH-SZV), an Ayres Turbo Thrush (VH-WDD) and a Tiger Moth (VH-WRL).  POC: attended the Auster Fly-in on 29-30 Sept, 2001.  Over 50 aircraft noted including a dozen Austers, and three Tiger Moths.
  • Noarlunga Airfield (21 Oct 2000)
  • E-mail message from Gary Reynolds (2 Sept, 2000):  we have a good collection of old aeroplanes - 3 tigers, 1 stearman, 1 chipmunk, 1 yak 52, 1 nanchang, 2 beagle airedales, 1 citabria and a space walker.

    POC:  About 10 km north of Aldinga - shown in the Adelaide street directory.  Several hangars.  One light aircraft seen - most of the resident aircraft would have been at Jamestown for the airshow.

  • Olympic Dam (25 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  North of Roxby Downs.  Two light aircraft seen.
  • Oraparinna (26 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  near Willow Springs.  String, windsock, nothing else.
  • Orroroo Airstrip (27 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  Seven km south-east of town.  Strip and hangar.  Two Ayres Turbo Thrushes (VH-MAE and VH-NFG) seen.

    Was there myself on 12 Feb, 2001.  No aircraft seen.

  • Parafield Airport (12 Sept 1998)
  • Peterborough Airpstrip (27 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  South of town on the Burra road.  Strip, windsock and small hut.  Used by RFDS occasionally.
  • Port Augusta Airport (23 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  Eight GA aircraft seen.  POC:  26 Oct, 2000, a Beech B220 (VH-FMN), an Airlines of SA Bandeirante (VH-FNP) and a Cessna F406 (VH-RCA) seen.  Was there myself on 13 Feb, 2001.  Signposted from the west of town.  Six aircraft seen, including a Bandeirante (VH-FNP) and an Aero Commander (VH-ACZ) seen.  Five hangars, terminal building and club house.
  • Port Lincoln Airport (24 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  About ten km north of town.  Over 35 aircraft seen, including eleven Cessna 337s, two Cessna 170s (VH-BFE and VH-OSZ), two Airlines of SA Bandeirantes (VH-LNB and VH-LNC) and a Kendell Airlines Saab 340 (VH-KDK).
  • Port Neill (24 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  map showed two strips, but neither found.
  • Port Pirie Aerodrome (23 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  Five km south of town.  Three light aircraft and two ultralights seen.
  • Quorn (26 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  on eastside of town, strip and windsock only.  Was there myself on 12 Feb, 2001.  No aircraft seen.
  • Rawnsley Park Station (27 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  About 20 km south of Wilpena.  One light aircraft seen.
  • Robe (20 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  About 8 km south was a PA-28 parked beside a sign saying Richmond Park White Suffolk Stud.  No strip/hangar/windsock.  About 4 km south-east, there is a strip on the east-side of the main road.  Strip, windsock and 2 hangars.  No aircraft seen.  Airstrip seemed very wet and unused.
  • South Australian Aviation Museum (12 Sept 1998)
  • Stirling North (26 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  On the south-east of town.  Looked like a glider strip, no aircraft seen.
  • Strathalbyn (20 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  About five km south-west of Langhorne Creek.  Five hangars, all locked up.
  • Tumby Bay (24 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  just north of town.  Strip only, no aircraft seen.
  • Victor Harbor (20 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  Strip no longer exists.
  • Whyalla Airport (23 Oct 2000)
  • POC About 8 km south-west of town.  Two light aircraft, an ultralight and a Kendell Saab 340 (VH-KDI) seen.  Kendell Metro (VH-KEU) noted on 25 Oct.
  • Wilpena Airstrip (26 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  A Cessna 182P, which does sight-seeing flights over Wilpena Pound, noted.  Was there myself on 12 Feb, 2001.  Two light aircraft noted.
  • Woomera (25 Oct 2000)
  • POC:  The airfield is north of town and permission is required to visit it.  No aircraft seen.  In the centre of town is a Meteor (A77-701), a Canberra (A84-241) and a Jindivik.
  • Wudinna Aerodrome (13 Feb 2001)
  • Two runways, terminal and hangar.  Aero Commander (VH-YJS) - out of Essendon - seen.

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