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1. Intro. 2. Disclaimer 3. Details 4. Table of lenses by series 5. List of lenses 6. Spreadsheet 7. Another Brochure

1. Intro

A few years back (when they were stilll being made), I was considering purchasing a Nikkor large format (LF) lens for my Technika, and was surprised at how difficult it was to find any information about them. Nothing useful on the web and enquiries to the local Australian distributors didn't unearth anything useful. Surprising really, because some respected photographers speak very highly of them.

Finally, a visit to a retailer (who just happens to hold the franchise for importing Linhof cameras into Australia) unearthed a copy of a brochure.

So that others didn't have to experience the same frustrations I did, I thought there would be some value in placing extracts from the brochure on the web.

After a period of time it was bought to my attention that Nikon had finally made details of these lenses available on the web so I took my pages down and posted a link to their site. However, Nikon now appear to have removed those details (presumably concurrent with the cessation of manufacture) so I've put my pages back up...

2. Disclaimer

Please note the following:
  • I don't profess to be an authority on these lenses. I'm merely making this material available for others.
  • I do not make any particular representations regarding these lenses. I own a couple and am happy with them, but your mileage may vary...
  • I understand that these lenses are no longer being made.
  • I don't know where you can buy these lenses.
  • I have tried to copy the details accurately, but take no responsibility for errors or ommissions on this site.

3. Details

The specifications and images on these pages are taken from the pamphlet: "Nikkor Lenses for Large-Format Cameras". Here's a scan of the front cover:

The back of the pamphlet says "Printed in Japan (9101/F) Code No. 8CE60100". I dont know whether this is the latest pamphlet or not (but see comments below). The reference to "91" may mean it was printed in 1991. If you have a more recent brochure with different details I'd be happy to hear from you. All specifications are as shown in the brochure. Bear in mind that the brochure states: "Specifications and designs shown herein are subject to change without notice."

So having said all that, below are links to the goodies. In order to keep the download speeds manageable, I've broken up the details with one page per lens series (except for the W-series which is in two pages).

The page for each lens series shows the brochure's narrative description of the lens series, a list of links to each lens in the series, and then details for each lens as follows:

  • An image of the particular lens
  • A table of specifications for the particular lens
  • A diagram showing the optical configuration for the particular lens

Note that the letters A to F in squares on the diagrams correspond to the letters in brackets in the table of specifications.

4. Table of Lenses by Series

Here's a table of links by lens series:

SW SeriesWide Angle
W SeriesNormal
AM SeriesMacro
T SeriesTelephoto
M SeriesLong Focal Length

5. List of Lenses

Alternatively, here's a list of links for each lens:

6. Spreadsheet

The specifications (minus photos and diagrams) are also available as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (Excel 97).

Click on the link below, or right-click on it to save it to your hard-drive :

Table of Specifications as Excel spreadsheet

7. Another Brochure

While not the brochure I have used as my source, here's another brochure pinched from the Nikon Europe website. It's in pdf format.

The rear page is noted "(0401/C)" and has a copyright notice referring to 2002-2004. This probably means it is a newer brochure than the one I have used as my source.

I post it here for what it is worth.

Clink on the link below, or right click on it to save it to your hard-drive :

Nikon LF lens Brochure (pdf) 2 Mb

NB : I have not sat down and examined this to see how the specifications in this brochure compare with those in the brochure I have.

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