Soldier settlers:

Roy A Hills
C D Sculthorpe
B T O’Halloran
Sid McDonald
P A Duckett
H D Reading
A B Clark
Max Bayden Bennett


Mick Bourke
Vince Bourke
Doug Cummings
Clarence E Austin
Ken Williams
Oscar Williams
[Latter three lived in huts on a seasonal basis to feed their dry dairy cows].

A small memorial planting of trees organised by Mrs Alwyn Hills to commemorate the settlement of Meunna is located next to the site of the former Meunna Hall on the intersection of Hills Road and Meunna Road. The Meunna Hall was built by the settlers in 1955 and demolished in 1995. A plaque marks the location of the building.
Source: Cape Country Courier, November 28th, 1991.

The principles of soldier settlement were drawn up by the Tasmanian Agricultural Bank following the second world war and were administered by the Closer Settlement Board. Intending settlers had to be of good health and have suitable experience. The land was to be of good quality and technical guidance was to be provided. Eight farms were established at Preolenna, referred to as Preolenna Estate until renamed Meunna.

The booklet, Preolenna Primary School Our History records that in 1952: “In February of that year the Tasmanian Farmers Federation held a field day at the Preolenna State School. The farmers inspected the new land clearing settlement over the [Flowerdale] river. The Warden allowed a half day for children to see the modern machinery at work.”

In 1955 it was recorded that “With the new land settlement over the river, [known as the Preolenna Estate] the problem of transporting the children to school arose. It was some months before the problem was resolved.”

In 1959 the record shows: “August - Mr E E Bligh commenced operation of school bus service from Preolenna Estate, presentation of a gift was made to Mr R Champion, (previous operator) who left the district.”