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Xuan Xuan

Getting Started

Thumbnails and roughs, getting the layout right

This tutorial is what to do once you have the script in your hands. Coming up with a script, or a story idea, is a completely different topic that we will be covering with a workshop coming up soon.

Hopefully, when you get the script, it's going to look a little something like what is pictured on the right (but hopefully a little neater, or preferably typed). It may not, however, depending on your method of approach. Some people are the writer and artist all in one, and so they will tend to combine some of the steps this tutorial will show you. However, for the sake of simplicity, we will present all the stages to you seperately.

The first thing you're going to want to do with this script is read it. (duh). You will want to read it and pay attention to a few particular things though. You will want to start breaking the script down into several chunks so that you can start to work on how to turn it into a comic book (or in this case a manga). Firstly, you will want to note the setting that the scenes take place in. This will greatly affect the way the characters move and interact. If there is a complex setting you may well want to draw a few rough sketches, so that you can work out where the characters will stand, how they will move, etc.

This is also handy for working out what angles you are going to want to use, and where the 'camera' will be. When you are designing the action, you should think of individual panels as camera shots, and having a sketch of the set that your characters will walk on will help tremendously.

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