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Xuan Xuan

The next thing to pay attention to is the characters themselves, and what they are wearing. Assuming that you are meeting that character for the first time on this page of script, you will want to work out what they look like. Doing up some character concept sketches such as the one on the right is a good idea.

Draw the person with several different facial features, from several angles, in order to get to know the character. If you are drawing the manga from someone else's script, you may like to show these character sketches to the writer. They may have some further ideas from your work, or may have suggestions for things that they missed out in their script.

Once you have gotten the feel of all the characters involved (you will only need to do this indepth sort of preperation the first time you 'meet' a character, or if they start wearing new clothes), you may like to move on to any significant props used in the scene. The script shown on the previous page mentions a doll, which is significant in driving the plot of this particular example. It too will need to be designed before you move on to the next stage.

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