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Xuan Xuan

Submission Guidelines

We are looking for black and white manga that is either 4-16 pages long, or that can be serialized in installments of that length. We will not accept anything that is longer than 16 pages per installment. Anything longer than this means less pages for other artists to contribute. Please, only original stories and characters that are not based on any pre-existing characters or series. We only accept submissions from Australian residents, or Australian citizens born in Australia, but currently overseas.

If you are an artist, and need a writer, or vice-versa, please, feel free to contact us, and we will try and set you up with your opposite (artist or writer). Please remember to put contact details on all submissions.


If you are going to supply your artwork electronically, please scan your artwork at 600dpi, but when first submitting your work, please only email a 72dpi version to us. We will contact you should we need the higher resolution files.

If you need us to scan your work for you, please do not send us originals in the post, send photocopies only. We will contact you should we need to arrange for the originals to scan.

When creating your artwork, please leave all text in pencil, if you are doing the lettering manually, so that we can suggest spelling and grammar corrections before the final artwork is completed.

The finished art size on a printed page is 128mm x 190mm, so please draw your submissions to scale down to these dimensions (about 181 x 269mm is good if you are drawing on an A4 sheet).


When submitting a story idea, please do so in the form of a comic book script. Do not send us a straight short story, we will not accept them. Additionally, it is a good idea to write detailed descriptions of key characters, settings etc.

If submitting your script electronically, please do so as either a word document, or as a .txt file. Otherwise, please send scripts on single sided A4, in a standard font, not less than 10pts in size, and double spaced.

Most of the artists that we have, tend towards shoujo manga, so to increase the likelihood of a pairing with an artist, you may wish to consider writing in that style.

All submissions can either be emailed to: or sent to: PO Box 2085 Dog Swamp WA 6060

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