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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Fastest Times of Day

2WD Stock
Name Status Fastest Lap
David Miller 26.779
John Perkins 27.066
Mathew Neate 27.334
Steve Kelly 27.801
Scott Fraser 27.813
Carl Penfold 28.553
Michael Swales 33.876
Name Status Fastest Lap
Simon Hodgins 31.917
Jason Seabrook 34.214
Brandon Crookes 35.881
Matthew Ryan 40.988
2wd Mod Buggy
Name Status Fastest Lap
Alex Bernadzik 25.685
Jason Ryan (mod) 26.219
Brett Ryan (mod) 26.247
Ryan McColl 26.529
Milos Pavlovic 26.932
Bryce Miller 27.11
Joshua Miller 28.427
Jason Koerper (m) 28.775
4WD Stock
Name Status Fastest Lap
Simon Smith 26.241
Robert Miller 27.311
Steve Kelly 27.425
Mathew Neate 27.748
Milos Pavlovic 27.867
Luke Ellis 27.894
Justin Morrison 28.994
Carl Penfold 29.105
Graham Illsley 29.725
Michael Swales 33.406
2WD Short Course
Name Status Fastest Lap
Jason Ryan (mod) 27.784
Bryce Miller 27.863
Milos Pavlovic 29.047
Joshua Miller 30.621
4wd Mod Buggy
Name Status Fastest Lap
Alex Bernadzik 24.44
Ryan McColl 25.849
Ben Caldwell 27.525
Chris Cox 27.996
Graham Illsley 30.928
Darren Clibbon 31.719
2wd Stadium Truck
Name Status Fastest Lap
Brett Ryan (mod) 26.917
Simon Smith 26.92
Scott Fraser 27.4
Robert Miller 28.325
David Miller 28.791
John Perkins 28.952
Milos Pavlovic 29.032
Scott Belcher 29.176
Andrew Koerper 30.376
Ben Caldwell 30.409
Brandon Crookes 50.817
4WD Short Course
Name Status Fastest Lap
Scott Belcher 28.682
Troy Klose 28.85
Rick Staggs 30.62
Joshua Vella 30.898
Darren Clibbon 31.071
Michael Swales 31.825
Graham Illsley 32.805
2WD Stock (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Scott Fraser 12/5m27.597s
Steve Kelly 12/5m29.363s
David Miller 11/5m3.999s
Mathew Neate 11/5m4.470s
John Perkins 11/5m6.046s
Carl Penfold 11/5m37.842s
Michael Swales 9/5m37.464s
Novice (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Jason Seabrook 10/5m46.886s
Simon Hodgins 8/5m0.287s
Brandon Crookes 8/5m0.622s
Matthew Ryan 7/4m59.458s
2wd Mod Buggy (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Alex Bernadzik 12/5m8.822s
Jason Ryan (mod) 12/5m12.228s
Brett Ryan (mod) 12/5m12.368s
Ryan McColl 11/5m1.988s
Bryce Miller 11/5m7.028s
Milos Pavlovic 11/5m13.048s
Joshua Miller 11/5m32.324s
Jason Koerper (m) 10/5m3.073s
4WD Stock (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Simon Smith 12/5m17.370s
Mathew Neate 11/5m4.687s
Steve Kelly 11/5m8.581s
Luke Ellis 11/5m13.877s
Robert Miller 11/5m15.404s
Justin Morrison 11/5m22.879s
Graham Illsley 11/5m48.677s
Milos Pavlovic 10/5m0.534s
Carl Penfold 10/5m20.066s
Michael Swales 9/5m17.812s
2WD Short Course (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Jason Ryan (mod) 12/5m21.064s
Bryce Miller 11/5m11.616s
Milos Pavlovic 11/5m23.921s
Joshua Miller 10/5m4.325s
4wd Mod Buggy (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Alex Bernadzik 13/5m10.604s
Ryan McColl 12/5m21.206s
Ben Caldwell 11/5m25.606s
Chris Cox 11/5m31.793s
Graham Illsley 10/5m19.210s
Darren Clibbon 9/5m6.869s
2wd Stadium Truck (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Brett Ryan (mod) 12/5m23.971s
Simon Smith 12/5m34.032s
Scott Fraser 11/5m19.939s
Robert Miller 11/5m30.451s
Scott Belcher 10/5m3.223s
John Perkins 10/5m4.552s
Andrew Koerper 10/5m12.981s
Ben Caldwell 10/5m13.652s
David Miller 10/5m17.779s
Milos Pavlovic 9/5m6.248s
Brandon Crookes 6/5m33.636s
4WD Short Course (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Troy Klose 11/5m11.274s
Scott Belcher 11/5m13.482s
Joshua Vella 10/5m15.389s
Rick Staggs 10/5m15.725s
Darren Clibbon 10/5m21.800s
Michael Swales 9/5m6.015s
Graham Illsley 8/5m25.538s

Results of All Rounds
2WD Stock
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined (Pts)**
1st Scott Fraser (Q2) 10/5m14.093s 11/5m27.859s 11/5m9.005s(9) 11/5m15.081s(8)* 12/5m27.597s(10) 19
2nd Steve Kelly (TQ) 10/5m1.590s 11/5m18.939s 11/5m3.799s(10) 11/5m16.121s(7)* 12/5m29.363s(9) 19
3rd David Miller (Q5) 10/5m31.699s 10/5m22.487s 11/5m21.690s(7) 11/5m3.999s(10) 11/5m20.278s(6)* 17
4th Mathew Neate (Q4) 10/5m13.455s 10/5m5.108s 11/5m15.863s(8) 11/5m21.993s(6)* 11/5m4.470s(8) 16
5th John Perkins (Q3) 10/5m12.197s 10/5m2.398s 11/5m26.239s(6)* 11/5m6.046s(9) 11/5m10.269s(7) 16
6th Carl Penfold (Q6) 10/5m29.643s 9/5m4.458s 10/5m12.284s(5)* 10/5m4.480s(5) 11/5m37.842s(5) 10
7th Michael Swales (Q7) 8/5m10.200s 8/4m55.067s 9/5m37.464s(4) 0/0m0.000s(0) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 4
*result dropped
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined (Pts)**
1st Jason Seabrook (TQ) 7/5m6.861s 8/5m18.046s 9/5m23.944s(10)* 9/5m4.008s(10) 10/5m46.886s(10) 20
2nd Simon Hodgins (Q2) 8/5m47.728s 8/5m18.443s 8/5m1.798s(9)* 8/5m0.287s(9) 8/5m1.522s(9) 18
3rd Brandon Crookes (Q3) 7/5m6.203s 6/4m30.925s 8/5m11.337s(8)* 8/5m0.622s(8) 8/5m6.730s(8) 16
4th Matthew Ryan (Q4) 7/5m37.408s 2/1m27.528s 7/5m33.179s(7)* 7/5m18.130s(7) 7/4m59.458s(7) 14
*result dropped
2wd Mod Buggy
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined (Pts)**
1st Alex Bernadzik (TQ) 1/0m37.077s 12/5m22.536s 12/5m28.415s(8)* 12/5m10.299s(10) 12/5m8.822s(10) 20
2nd Brett Ryan (mod) (Q4) 11/5m24.031s 11/5m18.447s 12/5m20.876s(10) 12/5m19.502s(9) 12/5m12.368s(8)* 19
3rd Jason Ryan (mod) (Q3) 11/5m13.394s 11/5m10.935s 12/5m27.485s(9) 12/5m21.195s(8)* 12/5m12.228s(9) 18
4th Ryan McColl (Q2) 10/5m17.698s 11/5m5.088s 11/5m1.988s(7) 11/5m18.340s(6) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 13
5th Bryce Miller (Q6) 9/5m17.946s 10/5m24.934s 11/5m7.028s(6) 11/5m29.124s(5)* 11/5m28.299s(7) 13
6th Milos Pavlovic (Q5) 10/5m32.214s 10/5m23.257s 11/5m19.987s(5) 11/5m13.048s(7) 10/5m21.472s(4)* 12
7th Joshua Miller (Q8) 9/5m28.812s 9/5m3.595s 3/1m32.951s(3)* 10/5m17.701s(3) 11/5m32.324s(6) 9
8th Jason Koerper (m) (Q7) 5/3m13.166s 10/5m30.858s 10/5m3.073s(4) 10/5m7.425s(4)* 10/5m3.532s(5) 9
*result dropped
4WD Stock
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined (Pts)**
1st Simon Smith (TQ) 11/5m20.083s 11/5m25.846s 12/5m27.290s(10)* 12/5m22.675s(10) 12/5m17.370s(10) 20
2nd Mathew Neate (Q5) 10/5m5.341s 10/5m2.085s 11/5m7.266s(9) 11/5m15.845s(7)* 11/5m4.687s(9) 18
3rd Steve Kelly (Q3) 10/5m13.140s 11/5m25.178s 11/5m13.815s(8)* 11/5m8.581s(9) 11/5m10.131s(8) 17
4th Luke Ellis (Q6) 10/5m8.188s 9/5m5.773s 11/5m29.055s(6)* 11/5m13.877s(8) 11/5m23.228s(6) 14
5th Justin Morrison (Q8) 9/5m16.839s 9/5m17.587s 11/5m22.879s(7) 10/5m16.469s(4) 10/5m19.263s(4)* 11
6th Graham Illsley (Q10) 0/0m0.000s 4/2m32.682s 2/0m46.580s(1)* 11/5m48.677s(6) 10/5m15.074s(5) 11
7th Milos Pavlovic (Q4) 10/5m1.205s 9/5m8.085s 10/5m0.534s(5) 10/5m1.570s(5) 9/4m39.785s(3)* 10
8th Robert Miller (Q2) 10/5m8.001s 11/5m22.132s 6/2m44.909s(2) 6/2m44.978s(2)* 11/5m15.404s(7) 9
9th Michael Swales (Q9) 9/5m26.292s 8/5m26.082s 9/5m17.812s(3) 9/5m32.692s(3) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 6
10th Carl Penfold (Q7) 8/5m5.744s 9/5m11.975s 10/5m20.066s(4) 3/1m12.881s(1) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 5
*result dropped
2WD Short Course
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined (Pts)**
1st Jason Ryan (mod) (TQ) 11/5m21.651s 11/5m18.969s 11/5m13.044s(9)* 11/5m3.381s(10) 12/5m21.064s(10) 20
2nd Bryce Miller (Q2) 0/0m0.000s 10/5m8.691s 11/5m11.616s(10) 11/5m25.540s(9) 11/5m28.534s(9)* 19
3rd Milos Pavlovic (Q4) 9/5m26.598s 9/5m13.831s 11/5m23.921s(8) 11/5m37.463s(8) 2/0m39.098s(7)* 16
4th Joshua Miller (Q3) 9/5m12.978s 9/5m28.865s 6/3m23.686s(7)* 10/5m8.736s(7) 10/5m4.325s(8) 15
*result dropped
4wd Mod Buggy
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined (Pts)**
1st Alex Bernadzik (TQ) 12/5m13.021s 12/5m16.044s 13/5m10.604s(10) 12/5m2.730s(10) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 20
2nd Ryan McColl (Q2) 10/5m6.381s 11/5m21.920s 11/5m29.001s(9) 12/5m21.206s(9) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 18
3rd Ben Caldwell (Q4) 0/0m0.000s 9/5m6.639s 10/5m8.525s(7)* 11/5m35.012s(8) 11/5m25.606s(10) 18
4th Chris Cox (Q3) 10/5m27.483s 9/5m11.633s 11/5m31.793s(8) 10/5m15.165s(7) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 15
5th Graham Illsley (Q6) 7/5m26.769s 8/5m26.413s 8/5m12.294s(5)* 10/5m19.210s(6) 10/5m23.044s(9) 15
6th Darren Clibbon (Q5) 9/5m29.359s 8/5m13.354s 9/5m6.869s(6) 9/5m8.791s(5)* 8/5m50.420s(8) 14
*result dropped
2wd Stadium Truck
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined (Pts)**
1st Brett Ryan (mod) (TQ) 11/5m23.334s 11/5m24.438s 12/5m23.971s(10) 10/5m0.043s(8)* 12/5m24.176s(10) 20
2nd Simon Smith (Q2) 10/5m0.096s 10/5m3.776s 11/5m15.967s(9)* 11/5m8.447s(10) 12/5m34.032s(9) 19
3rd Scott Fraser (Q3) 10/5m2.767s 10/5m0.135s 11/5m29.509s(8)* 11/5m19.939s(9) 11/5m20.626s(8) 17
4th Robert Miller (Q4) 9/5m23.356s 10/5m17.483s 1/0m17.672s(1)* 10/5m16.787s(6) 11/5m30.451s(7) 13
5th John Perkins (Q6) 10/5m27.519s 1/0m33.478s 10/5m4.552s(7) 9/5m5.019s(3)* 10/5m17.785s(5) 12
6th Scott Belcher (Q8) 9/5m2.996s 9/5m1.547s 10/5m22.946s(4) 10/5m3.223s(7) 10/5m32.707s(4)* 11
7th Andrew Koerper (Q10) 9/5m36.145s 9/5m26.079s 10/5m20.103s(5) 9/5m17.940s(2)* 10/5m12.981s(6) 11
8th Ben Caldwell (Q7) 9/5m19.322s 10/5m31.503s 10/5m13.652s(6) 10/5m27.949s(4) 9/5m8.189s(3)* 10
9th David Miller (Q5) 9/5m24.480s 10/5m17.779s 9/5m4.177s(3) 10/5m26.594s(5) 5/2m28.441s(2)* 8
10th Milos Pavlovic (Q9) 9/5m6.248s 7/4m16.556s 8/5m3.652s(2) 9/5m28.995s(1) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 3
DNS Brandon Crookes (Q11) 6/5m33.636s 5/5m1.256s 0/0m0.000s(0) 0/0m0.000s(0) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 0
*result dropped
2wd Stadium Truck DNQ
Pos Name Qual Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined (Pts)**
1st Andrew Crookes ???
*result dropped
4WD Short Course
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined (Pts)**
1st Troy Klose (TQ) 10/5m27.477s 10/5m4.197s 11/5m22.319s(10) 11/5m11.274s(10) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 20
2nd Scott Belcher (Q2) 10/5m29.203s 10/5m29.744s 11/5m29.180s(9)* 11/5m13.482s(9) 11/5m18.054s(10) 19
3rd Rick Staggs (Q3) 9/5m12.064s 10/5m34.862s 10/5m23.986s(7) 2/2m12.514s(5)* 10/5m15.725s(9) 16
4th Darren Clibbon (Q4) 9/5m28.690s 9/5m18.071s 9/5m20.720s(5)* 10/5m21.800s(8) 10/5m21.903s(8) 16
5th Joshua Vella (Q5) 8/5m8.524s 9/5m31.590s 10/5m15.389s(8) 10/5m25.774s(7)* 10/5m25.070s(7) 15
6th Graham Illsley (Q7) 8/5m25.538s 8/5m29.232s 7/5m34.556s(4)* 8/5m29.365s(6) 8/5m27.509s(6) 12
7th Michael Swales (Q6) 9/5m33.563s 8/5m6.309s 9/5m6.015s(6) 0/0m0.000s(0) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 6
*result dropped