Alycat Meeting
Alycat - Meeting Summary

Registered to South Brisbane Chargers R C Club

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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Fastest Times of Day

2wd Stock Buggy
Name Status Fastest Lap
Christian Pike 32.703
Matthew Neate 34.026
Simon Hodgins 34.960
Nathan Marsh 35.378
Mario Serafini 36.589
Ben Walsh 38.277
Name Status Fastest Lap
Simon Smith 31.733
Patrick Hsu 32.658
Luke Ellis 33.397
Nathan Marsh 34.029
Mario Serafini 37.131
Graham Illsley 39.352
4wd Mod Buggy
Name Status Fastest Lap
Patrick Hsu 30.600
Luke Ellis 31.265
Ryan Andrews 31.436
Simon Smith 31.783
Matthew Neate 32.395
Ben Walsh 33.169
Luke Christie 33.647
Douglas Walker 34.379
Graham Illsley 35.965
Simon Hodgins 37.071
2wd Stock Buggy (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Christian Pike 10/5m30.780s
Matthew Neate 9/5m2.549s
Mario Serafini 9/5m17.051s
Nathan Marsh 9/5m20.017s
Ben Walsh 8/5m5.579s
Simon Hodgins 8/5m22.533s
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Simon Smith 10/5m24.124s
Patrick Hsu 9/5m2.558s
Nathan Marsh 9/5m4.084s
Luke Ellis 9/5m19.929s
Mario Serafini 8/5m3.304s
Graham Illsley 7/4m52.826s
4wd Mod Buggy (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Patrick Hsu 10/5m0.538s
Matthew Neate 10/5m18.294s
Simon Smith 10/5m19.497s
Luke Ellis 10/5m19.617s
Ryan Andrews 10/5m27.725s
Luke Christie 9/5m1.799s
Douglas Walker 9/5m22.822s
Graham Illsley 9/5m39.603s
Simon Hodgins 8/5m24.854s
Ben Walsh 8/5m37.297s

Results of All Rounds
2wd Stock Buggy
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Christian Pike (TQ) 9/5m32.373s 9/5m10.222s 10/5m30.780s(10) 9/5m8.158s(9)* 10/5m31.400s(10) 20
2nd Matthew Neate (Q2) 9/5m35.431s 8/5m0.039s 9/5m2.549s(9) 9/5m2.955s(10) 9/5m23.287s(8)* 19
3rd Nathan Marsh (Q3) 8/5m11.260s 8/4m59.891s 9/5m20.017s(8) 9/5m35.699s(8) 9/5m33.572s(7)* 16
4th Mario Serafini (Q4) 7/4m56.927s 8/5m22.142s 9/5m33.829s(7) 8/5m19.876s(6)* 9/5m17.051s(9) 16
5th Ben Walsh (Q6) 6/4m38.393s 7/4m57.574s 8/5m37.613s(5)* 8/5m5.579s(7) 8/5m32.446s(6) 13
6th Simon Hodgins (Q5) 8/5m32.403s 7/5m15.331s 8/5m22.533s(6) 8/5m22.907s(5) 7/5m6.714s(5)* 11
* Final dropped
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Simon Smith (TQ) 9/5m14.781s 9/5m22.079s 10/5m33.147s(10) 9/5m11.231s(9)* 10/5m24.124s(10) 20
2nd Patrick Hsu (Q2) 9/5m26.067s 9/5m36.782s 9/5m4.538s(9) 9/5m2.558s(10) 9/5m16.858s(8)* 19
3rd Nathan Marsh (Q3) 7/5m16.099s 8/5m19.485s 9/5m23.537s(8)* 9/5m15.977s(8) 9/5m4.084s(9) 17
4th Luke Ellis (Q5) 4/5m19.793s 7/4m54.845s 9/5m27.271s(7) 9/5m19.929s(7) 1/0m13.376s(5)* 14 (Vintage)
5th Mario Serafini (Q4) 8/5m19.650s 7/5m33.637s 8/5m24.853s(6)* 8/5m6.743s(6) 8/5m3.304s(7) 13 (Vintage)
6th Graham Illsley (Q6) 7/5m37.925s 7/5m15.041s 7/5m10.412s(5)* 7/5m9.907s(5) 7/4m52.826s(6) 11 (2wd Short Course)
* Final dropped
4wd Mod Buggy
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Patrick Hsu (TQ) 9/5m1.822s 9/5m2.120s 10/5m0.538s(10) 10/5m2.352s(10) 10/5m6.352s(10)* 20
2nd Simon Smith (Q3) 9/5m17.390s 8/5m3.647s 10/5m27.455s(8)* 10/5m21.103s(9) 10/5m19.497s(8) 17 (4wd Stock Buggy)
3rd Matthew Neate (Q5) 8/5m20.491s 9/5m37.362s 9/5m21.481s(6)* 10/5m26.218s(8) 10/5m18.294s(9) 17 (2wd Mod Buggy)
4th Luke Ellis (Q2) 9/5m32.728s 9/5m9.607s 10/5m19.617s(9) 9/5m20.577s(5)* 10/5m24.776s(7) 16 (4wd Stock Buggy)
5th Ryan Andrews (Q4) 9/5m20.136s 8/4m50.331s 10/5m27.725s(7) 9/5m7.659s(6)* 10/5m35.157s(6) 13 (2wd Mod Buggy)
6th Luke Christie (Q7) 7/5m14.268s 8/5m34.216s 9/5m27.159s(5)* 9/5m1.799s(7) 9/5m17.725s(5) 12 (2wd Mod Buggy)
7th Douglas Walker (Q6) 8/5m27.277s 8/5m11.817s 5/2m47.512s(3)* 9/5m32.525s(4) 9/5m22.822s(4) 8 (4wd Stock Buggy)
8th Simon Hodgins (Q10) 6/4m56.437s 6/5m15.243s 8/5m24.854s(4) 8/5m33.668s(2) 7/5m27.668s(2)* 6
9th Graham Illsley (Q8) 1/3m29.777s 7/5m12.104s 5/3m42.735s(2)* 9/5m39.603s(3) 8/5m9.611s(3) 6
10th Ben Walsh (Q9) 0/0m0.000s 6/4m45.406s 4/2m24.774s(1) 8/5m37.297s(1) 3/3m34.243s(1)* 2 (4wd Stock Buggy)
* Final dropped