Alycat Meeting
Alycat - Meeting Summary
Registered to South Brisbane Chargers R C Club

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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Fastest Times of Day

2wd Stock Buggy
Name Status Fastest Lap
Christian Pike 32.457
Luke Ellis 32.814
Matthew Neate 32.830
Gopal Pavlich 33.065
Nathan Marsh 33.941
Simon Hodgins 34.926
John Knook 36.134
Oliver Wallace 36.140
Ben Walsh 36.598
Name Status Fastest Lap
Simon Smith 30.957
Luke Ellis 31.032
Douglas Walker 32.772
John Knook 34.361
Shane Rowe 34.537
Ben Walsh 35.610
4wd Mod Buggy
Name Status Fastest Lap
Jason Ryan 28.425
Patrick Hsu 29.341
Peter Scott 31.178
Ryan Andrews 31.221
Matthew Neate 31.949
Brad Wallace 33.205
Simon Hodgins 34.398
Graham Illsley 35.598
Name Status Fastest Lap
Simon Smith 32.506
Patrick Hsu 32.668
Nathan Marsh 33.486
Shane Rowe 35.280
Simon Eilola 37.023
Oliver Wallace 37.430
Graham Illsley 38.572
2wd Stock Buggy (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Gopal Pavlich 10/5m17.053s
Matthew Neate 10/5m20.022s
Luke Ellis 10/5m31.875s
Nathan Marsh 10/5m39.131s
Christian Pike 9/5m10.597s
Simon Hodgins 9/5m23.813s
John Knook 8/5m2.447s
Ben Walsh 8/5m15.890s
Oliver Wallace 8/5m31.210s
4WD STOCK BUGGY (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Simon Smith 11/5m31.924s
Luke Ellis 10/5m18.387s
Douglas Walker 10/5m40.479s
John Knook 9/5m3.514s
Ben Walsh 9/5m20.253s
Shane Rowe 8/5m5.242s
4wd Mod Buggy (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Jason Ryan 11/5m10.415s
Patrick Hsu 11/5m24.480s
Ryan Andrews 10/5m10.010s
Peter Scott 10/5m12.510s
Matthew Neate 10/5m14.842s
Brad Wallace 9/5m14.789s
Graham Illsley 9/5m32.675s
Simon Hodgins 8/5m4.252s
2WD SHORT COURSE (5 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Simon Smith 10/5m22.716s
Patrick Hsu 10/5m25.669s
Nathan Marsh 9/5m9.220s
Simon Eilola 9/5m29.395s
Shane Rowe 8/5m9.376s
Graham Illsley 8/5m14.270s
Oliver Wallace 8/5m24.254s

Results of All Rounds
2wd Stock Buggy
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Gopal Pavlich (Q2) 9/5m33.854s 9/5m19.507s 10/5m26.988s(10) 9/5m3.169s(8)* 10/5m17.053s(10) 20
2nd Matthew Neate (TQ) 8/5m2.908s 9/5m18.815s 9/5m8.716s(8)* 10/5m31.068s(10) 10/5m20.022s(9) 19
3rd Luke Ellis (Q3) 8/5m25.965s 9/5m28.389s 10/5m42.550s(9) 10/5m31.875s(9) 9/5m10.181s(7)* 18
4th Nathan Marsh (Q5) 8/5m31.660s 8/5m10.486s 9/5m12.615s(6)* 9/5m22.131s(7) 10/5m39.131s(8) 15
5th Simon Hodgins (Q6) 8/5m24.459s 7/5m4.754s 9/5m23.813s(5) 8/5m40.507s(5)* 8/5m13.416s(6) 11
6th John Knook (Q8) 1/3m28.598s 8/5m29.580s 8/5m2.447s(4) 8/5m8.559s(6) 8/5m27.456s(4)* 10
7th Ben Walsh (Q7) 7/5m35.595s 8/5m29.121s 8/5m28.446s(3)* 7/5m5.402s(4) 8/5m15.890s(5) 9
8th Christian Pike (Q4) 8/5m6.410s 9/5m29.179s 9/5m10.597s(7) 0/0m0.000s(0) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 7
9th Oliver Wallace (Q9) 7/5m39.593s 7/5m16.257s 6/4m32.652s(2) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 8/5m31.210s(3) 5
* Final dropped
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Simon Smith (TQ) 9/5m8.595s 10/5m23.975s 11/5m31.924s(10) 10/5m7.141s(10) 10/5m14.090s(10)* 20
2nd Luke Ellis (Q2) 9/5m27.245s 10/5m27.095s 10/5m28.566s(9)* 10/5m27.132s(9) 10/5m18.387s(9) 18
3rd John Knook (Q5) 8/5m24.507s 8/5m28.899s 9/5m3.514s(7) 9/5m10.585s(8) 9/5m30.381s(7)* 15
4th Ben Walsh (Q4) 3/2m27.653s 8/5m13.828s 8/5m26.069s(6)* 9/5m20.253s(7) 9/5m23.585s(8) 15
5th Douglas Walker (Q3) 8/5m4.846s 9/5m15.744s 10/5m40.479s(8) 2/0m51.129s(5) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 13
6th Shane Rowe (Q6) 4/5m31.448s 8/5m38.619s 8/5m44.976s(5)* 8/5m7.445s(6) 8/5m5.242s(6) 12
* Final dropped
4wd Mod Buggy
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Jason Ryan (TQ) 10/5m14.088s 10/5m7.105s 11/5m26.326s(10)* 11/5m10.415s(10) 11/5m25.821s(10) 20
2nd Patrick Hsu (Q2) 9/5m17.147s 9/5m0.750s 11/5m27.368s(9) 11/5m24.480s(9) 11/5m27.557s(9)* 18
3rd Ryan Andrews (Q4) 9/5m13.428s 9/5m18.200s 10/5m14.551s(8) 10/5m16.109s(6)* 10/5m10.010s(8) 16 (2wd Mod Buggy)
4th Peter Scott (Q3) 8/5m13.142s 9/5m9.390s 10/5m22.110s(7) 10/5m12.510s(8) 4/2m2.376s(3)* 15 (2wd Mod Buggy)
5th Matthew Neate (Q6) 8/5m2.899s 9/5m31.321s 9/5m6.798s(6)* 10/5m14.842s(7) 9/5m9.759s(7) 14 (2wd Mod Buggy)
6th Brad Wallace (Q5) 9/5m30.938s 9/5m32.726s 9/5m24.965s(5)* 9/5m19.120s(5) 9/5m14.789s(6) 11 (2wd Mod Buggy)
7th Graham Illsley (Q8) 7/5m12.186s 8/5m33.337s 9/5m32.675s(4) 8/5m14.232s(3)* 8/5m9.359s(5) 9
8th Simon Hodgins (Q7) 8/5m27.842s 8/5m23.025s 8/5m12.833s(3)* 8/5m4.252s(4) 8/5m23.131s(4) 8
* Final dropped
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Patrick Hsu (TQ) 8/5m33.047s 9/5m14.086s 9/5m0.950s(9)* 10/5m25.669s(10) 10/5m30.297s(10) 20 (Stadium Truck)
2nd Nathan Marsh (Q3) 8/5m21.752s 9/5m38.771s 9/5m12.690s(8) 9/5m9.220s(9) 8/5m10.201s(8)* 17 (Stadium Truck)
3rd Simon Eilola (Q4) 7/5m21.701s 8/5m29.297s 8/5m19.316s(6)* 9/5m30.692s(8) 9/5m29.395s(9) 17 (Stadium Truck)
4th Simon Smith (Q2) 8/5m4.932s 9/5m18.243s 10/5m22.716s(10) 6/3m14.819s(4) 0/0m0.000s(0)* 14
5th Shane Rowe (Q5) 8/5m43.105s 7/5m31.618s 8/5m10.235s(7) 8/5m9.376s(7) 8/5m28.690s(5)* 14 (Novice)
6th Graham Illsley (Q6) 7/5m11.190s 7/5m23.006s 8/5m33.260s(5)* 8/5m14.270s(6) 8/5m19.854s(7) 13
7th Oliver Wallace (Q7) 0/0m0.000s 1/0m48.721s 8/5m41.091s(4)* 8/5m24.254s(5) 8/5m27.080s(6) 11
* Final dropped